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If you are a beauty trend setter? ‘IT’ MAKE-UP during hot summer

[by Hwang So-hee] The very hot weather continues across the nation and the news of the record high temperature is continuously informed to us. Due to the hot heat and severe humidity, it is hard to go out. But we cannot continue to avoid going out.

Just sitting in front of the make-up mirror may make you get tired. So, the July make-up need a change. It is because under the strong sunlight and the resulting sweat and oil from the skin makes your morning make-up messy.

So, we prepared the IT make-up for the trend setter who is not afraid of even the hot summer. The trendy make-up which is proper for the summer will provide you with the lightly glistering skin, a little reddish check and the light reddish lip. This make-up would relieve you from the hot weather but bring you with the elegance.

Expression of the face looking like no make-up

In this summer, the natural skin make-up is the main trend instead of the unnatural make-up and heavy glossy skin. It is because the too-heavy make-up during hot summer may make the face look to much distinctive and stand out and the glossy skin may mix with the sweat and oil to give you the messy image.

If you want to get the clean and glossy skin, you had better use the cushion based products. It can make up for the defect of the lightly applied foundation but reinforce the natural skin, thus making your face look natural as if you had no make-up.


3CE white milk cushion is the sun cushion which blocks the strong ultraviolet rays and has the tone-up effect as well as protects the skin from direct strong sun light. As the milk cream texture can make the skin moisturized and refreshed and make the skin look soft and supple. Even if applied one over another, it does not get coagulated. Especially, if tapped, it gives you the cooling effect, thus making the skin tired of hot summer get the refreshment.

A little heated cheek

If you have thought only the cheek which has a little heated due to the hot heat in the hot summer, you have miscalculated. Now, a little reddish check has taken a position of make-up trend. So, you have to focus on the cheek make-up which is good for you to get the girly attractiveness and sexy mood.

The cheek make-up which makes your cheek look a little heated may aggravate your complex if you apply the blusher too much or apply it on the part which is not in harmony with the shape of face. So, take care of it. If you apply the blusher on the deep part below the eye in the form of invert triangle, you can get more dynamic shape of face and healthy color, thus completing the trendy make-up.


3CE TAKE A LAYER MULTI POT expresses the supple and clear color with high pigment. The easy blending texture is good to layer with other color. As it is easy to use like air, you can get the lovely lip with the free adjustment of density and can also use the blusher and eye make-up.

Reddish lip

The red is the color which is more bright in summer. The red lip is one of the essential items for the beauty trend setter as it is required to complete the various mood depending what texture and make-up method you choose.

The red is not always the same. There are tens of different reds such as orange red, burgundy red to the strong red and deep red. Among them, the most proper red in the summer is the clear red having the high chroma as it brightens the face. Let’s complete the natural red lip make-up with the gradation made from the inside of the lip.


3CE TAKE A LAYER TINTED WATER TINT makes your lip more vital as it is soaked into your lip with the water type and classic tint. As it is clearly applied to the lip with the high colorant applied color, it shows the completed color fixing to the last moment. If it is applied to the inside of the lip and blended, the water tint is naturally soaked into the lips, thus making your face brighter. (Source of photos: bnt news DB, Stylenanda 3CE)

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Write: 2018-08-10 13:49:27 / Update: 2018-08-10 14:27:24

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