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HAESOL Hair Scalp Clinic, Seomyeon, Busan, which is No.1 in controlling the scalp and hair loss

Recently there have been a significant increase in the number of scalp management centers. It is not hard to spot one or two scalp clinics appearing at the crowded area and a popular commercial area.

The hair loss is known as one of the modern disorders for modern people. Due to the excessive stress, wrong lifestyle or hazardous environment, more people are suffering from the hair loss. In addition, once the hair loss starts, it is hard to completely heal the disease because it improves but soon becomes aggravated. Accordingly, we should find an expert who can make the reliable management. This is just why recently the number of scalp management centers increases.

Of course, only the patient who suffers the severe hair loss does not visit the scalp management center. Those who feel the itchy scalp or have disorders such as inflammation, furuncle or dandruff are recommended to visit the clinics. Accordingly, if you suffers the troubles in the scalp or the hair loss, it would be better for you to visit the clinics for consultation on the systematic cure rather than self control.

What are the advantages of the clinics for scalp and hair loss management? Probably, it may be that in the clinics, you can get the custom-made cure such as specific consulting, precision analysis and the resulting individualized solution. Especially, HAESOL Hair Scalp Clinic is the scalp and hair management center which developed the eco-friendly scalp and hair management solution based on the 16-years clinical knowhow of Ecomine, which is the scalp control company. Using the eco-friendly materials, it has focused on the R&D of troubles in scalp and hair and shows the effect on improvement in the hair loss or the prevention of hair loss.

The brand conducts the specific management according to the customer’s specific type of scalp or the progress of hair loss. As it provides the customers with the hair loss management services at reasonable price, it is very popular. In addition, the brand has six branches in Busan only including Seomyeong store and has the nationwide network, it has the more organized programs and gets more trust from customers.

Especially, as Kim Dong-Yeon, president of the Seomyeon store of HAESOL scalp hair clinic, which is famous for the hair loss management in Busan, provides the customers with the custom made services depending on the customer’s specific demand and symptoms based on a lot of clinical results and data, it is more popular among the customers.

Kim Dong-Yeon, president of the clinic, has the license of class 1 in the field of scalp and hair information manager issued by KATAD (the Korean Association for Trichologists Ability Development). As a professional lecturer having the certification of the Association, he acts as the judge or supervisor in the license test and education in Kyungnam College of Information, Dongju College, and Seoul Institute of Technology & Education jungbu Campus. He got the education on the start of the scalp and hair care business for 3 years from 2009 and has the experience of developing the scalp and hair diagnosis application for smart phone and tablet PC (BB Smart Zoom).

In addition, he has a lot of overseas experience. For 5 years starting in 2011, he got the overseas education in US, Malaysia, and Hong Kong and in 2014, he participated in the China’s competition for the scalp and hair expert course“ as a judge and conducted the education for China’s Smida Scalp Franchise’ in 2015.

He said, “There are a lot of causes of hair loss and there are also various symptoms such as initial hair loss, stress caused hair loss or problematic scalp. As each patient has different progress, status or problems, it is important to give the care specific to each person.”
He further said, “As the hair loss cannot be improved with the temporary management, it is recommended to keep the scalp safe, and healthy through the clinic programs such as scalp scaling, scalp nutrient supply, recovery of the function of keratinocyte cell”, thus explaining the importance of the professional control.

On the other hand, HAESOL Hair Scalp Clinic introduced the “precision analysis of gene” so that the accurate diagnosis can be made on the type of scalp, status of hair follicle, density of hair, damage rate or survival rate of each patient in order to segment the status of scalp and information on hair, thus providing the customers with the customized solution.

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