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Jun Ji-Hyeon VS Shin Hye-Seon, I am just the best dresser of fashion item

[by Oh HyeongJun] The proverb “The high class is permanent” may be applicable to her. Though she has two children, her appearance and body shape look as she does when she was at her peak. Her appearance at public event catch all people’s eye and her clothes, hair and makeup become the topic of conversations.

There is another actress. Though she started as an insignificant role, she grew to become a main character in any movie or drama. She is just Shin Hye-Seon. Based on the good acting ability, she now appears on various genres of movies or dramas. Recently she acted as a main character in the drama titled “Though I am thirty years old, I am just eighteen.”, on SBS television broadcasting station, showing her own attractiveness and ability.

Two actresses happened to have participated in the SBS drama titled “Legend of blue ocean” in 2016. The nickname of Shin Hye-Seon in her school days is known to be Jun Ji-Hyeon. Two actresses having such a relation caught the people’s eyes with their fantastic fashions in the recent public events. Let’s take a look at the fashion of two persons who have developed their own uniqueness as actresses and check who showed better style between them.

Jun Ji-Hyeon looks good at anything. Jun Ji-Hyeon’s patterned blouse

Jun Ji-Hyeon gave birth to a second child in last January. As a model for a beauty brand, she appeared at the brand’s public event. With the long straight hair and transparent make-up which are her trademark, she once again proved her elegance. As she showed the perfect beauty and body line though she has now passed her peak days, she made many people get surprised. This surprise was partly caused by her beautiful and unique fashion.
With the blouse having the blue geometrical pattern printed on it and the matching it with high waist pants, she completed the perfect look. The refined and unique blouse has been well harmonized with the high waist pant which stands out her beautiful body shape. It was a good example in which a person can show off her beautify with sufficient formality in the official event though she does not wear the suite or one-piece fashion.

Editors’ Pick

This is the flower pattern as if the flower bed were just copied. As the sleeve and color are made in the shape of romantic wave, even the details are perfect. It is just the item in which the unique details are well harmonized with the beautiful flower pattern. If you are now tired of the straight blouse silhouette, why don’t you try the curved details?

It is good to match with denim pants. If it is matched with the high waist wide pants like Jun Ji-Hyeon, the romantic and chic look can be complete. Made of 100% cotton, it is also excellent in air permeability and hygroscopicity. It is the versatile item as it can be harmonized with any bottoms and can dress up with one item.

Now I am the predominant actress! Shin Hye-Seon’s patterned one-piece

Shin Hye-Seon participated in the production announcement meeting of the drama titled “Though I am thirty years old, I am just eighteen”. She appeared in the long one-piece having the sky blue stripe background and banana pattern. All colors were the same with black and white except those for one-piece. Her white strap sandal and color design belt helped her slim body line to stand out.

The banana pattern which has been rare has been added to the silhouette which gets the exotic mood as the shirts type one-piece, thus furthering the unique feel. As the various patterns are mixed, it is interesting to find out which pattern is used in what ways. When it is looked from a distance, it makes a harmony. She selected the funny item which has elegance and uniqueness.

Editors’ Pick

If you want to try the unique color and pattern like Shin Hye-Seon, why don’t you try a big one-piece having a big visual difference in main color and pattern? The violent flower pattern stands out in the color of green and black. It is the right item for showing the romantic and bohemian style with the country style design.

The square line added the romantic feel to the clothes and the frill and long flared skirt gets the elegant feel. Although one item can be a good point on its own, it can make the good harmony with knit vest or light outer. As it can match with any shoes or accessories, even a person who is not good at styling, can try. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)

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