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Do you want to get the perfect make-up tomorrow morning? Perfect cleansing from A to Z

[by Hwang So-Hee] What is more important than the make-up is the cleaning which is done to remove any make-up remains or impurities from the skin. But, people often do not care the cleaning process while they take much care of the foundation application for the make-up.

Any make-up remains and impurities on the skin if not perfectly removed may be accumulated on the skin and block the hair follicles, thus causing the acne or other skin troubles. Especially, if you are lazy in cleansing, the skin gets old much faster. Therefore, it is critical to take much care of the perfect cleansing. 

If you are concerned about the swollen skin and invisible impurities every morning, you have to check your cleansing habit. Make the perfect cleansing in a way that all impurities and waste can be fully removed every morning in order to make the good make-up next morning.

>> Use the removal for the point make-up

If you want to remove your make-up, use the cleansing method which is proper for the make-up to completely cleanse any impurities or make-up remains instead of all-at-once removal. Especially, if you do not perfectly remove the eye make-up, you may get the dark circle around your eyes due to the accumulation of colorant. So, make sure to take precaution of that. In addition, the skin around the eye is thin and weak. Therefore, take care not to give any stimulation to that.

First, soak the eye removal to soft make-up cotton and then put the cotton on the protuberant parts of the eyelids before pressing it with your hand for 10 seconds. At this time, if you wipe it off immediately, the stimulation can be made over around the eye, thus causing the wrinkle. Therefore, it is critical to softly wipe it out. Make sure to cleanse the impurities perfectly from around the lip having a lot of wrinkles not to leave any impurities.


3CE LIP&EYE REMOVER is the make-up removal having two layers of oil and water, which softly removes even the dense make-up. Use this make-up removal to cleanse the make-up from the sensitive eye and above lip.

>> Make the skin moist and clean with the cleansing foam!

If you perfectly removed the point make-up, then, it is important to clean the face with the soft foam to complete the cleansing. As the cleansing foam directly contacts the skin, make sure to select the one which has less stimulants and soft and sticky texture.

Apply the foam over the face and softly massage it as if you roll it. It is better to concentrate on T zone where there is a lot of oil. At this time, try to softly rub the skin so as to minimize the stimulation to the skin. For the wet and clean finish, make sure to rinse it several times with the lukewarm water to get the transparent skin.


3CE WHITE MILK PACK TO FOAM has the white milk ingredient which is supposed to take care of the inside of the hair follicle in removing the waste from the skin, thus making it into the clean and transparent skin. The double dip cleansing effect of the clay pack containing the bubble particles removes the waste from the skin completely. The oatmeal and honey extract, which is supposed to help the skin keep the moisture, prevents the skin from dried.

>> Make the skin clean and transparent with toner pack!

If you completely remove the impurities and clean your face at the cleaning stage, then, it is now time to supplement the moisture so that the water does not go away. Especially in the summer time when hot heat and humid weather continue, the skin is vulnerable to the stimulation. Therefore, you had better sooth the skin with the toner pack.

After keeping the toner in a refrigerator, sufficiently soak it to the make-up cotton. Then, put the cotton over the forehead, both cheeks, nose and chin for 10 minutes to lower the skin temperature and get the effect of moisturizing and soothing at the same time. As for the toner, make sure to select the soft and low-stimulating ingredient.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO MILD TONER uses the milk toner which softly act on the skin to keep the sensitive skin pure and wet. The jewelry powder made of 4 jewelries such as amethyst, pearl, coral and tourmaline, help the skin’s collapsed balance to recover and keep the skin transparent and shining.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO COTTON PUFF is the cosmetic product for skin care. It transfers the toner’s moisture to the skin. As it adopts the soft sponge cotton instead of general cotton, it has no texture and less fluff that it gives the less stimulation to the skin. As it is excellent in the absorption capability, it can transfer the sufficient water even when the small amount of toner is used. With the big size and good stickiness, it can completely wrap the swollen face without any problem. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE)

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