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Exhausting from long hot weather? ‘Power up!’ with Red Velvet Style!

[by Oh Hyeong Jun] Despite of start of fall and end of summer have passed on our calendar; the hot weather doesn’t seem like it is going anywhere. In fact, it makes us laugh with even worst forecast: high temperature phenomenon with high humidity from typhoon. Only thing that could cheer us up is idol group’s cool music for the summer season.

After series of summer songs from top class singers such as Twice and Girl Friend, Red Velvet, who released mega-hit song of previous summer “Red Flavor”, released “Power Up!”. This title song drawn attention by releasing during second solo concert ‘REDMARE’ that took place two consecutive days, August 4th & 5th, After the release of new song, their new concept and costume became issue among people.

Let’s check out which style Red Velvet, who drawn attention with their cool marine look in 2017 during “Red Velvet” song release, chose in this time and to decide how to adapt their style for our daily ‘real way’ look. Let us power up our exhausted mind and soul from the hot weather just like Red Velvet with refreshing style.


Red Velvet have shown styling based on white shirt, t-shirt and blouse for this album. Despite of its formal vibe from collar and cuff, they also show kitsch and casual style with various use of color with wappen path styling. Also they showed little sexiness with deep V-neck line shirt.

Their styling showed lovely and cute vibe by utilizing bold flower item with Items that resemble uniform such as Epaulet, wappen patch, and sash. The point here is that Red Velvet, who showed cute marine look using big sailor collar during ‘Red Flavor, once again chose military style mood for ‘Power up!’.

Editors’ Pick

It is impossible to match item that has numerous wappen patch or epaulet. Since it is not a show costume, let’s put aside the colorful detail; instead, let’s bring out feminine side of those items and utilize it for daily look.

Why don’t we choose luxury looking V-neck with smooth fabric to resemble Irene, who is very feminine? Even though it is just a t shirt, it gives formal vibe like blouse and shirt with its appropriate v-neck length. It is a perfect item to create calm and feminine vibe with its neckline collard.


Just like their name, ‘Red Velvet’, they used red colored item as their main theme. Since they have been using color red for their music and costume from their first debut, they are going to show appropriate color play that will uphold their name.

Show far they’ve shown various red color bottoms such as flared skirt, pleats skirt, shorts and more. Also, they are showing more powerful Red Velvet’s Red Flavor by unifying shoes items such as long boots, strap heel and more with red color.

Editors’ Pick

If you want to follow the vividness of Red Velvet, Let’s try out floral patterned flared skirt. Unlike colorful top that is difficult to utilize as daily look, colorful bottom can be easily match with simple top to create natural vivid vive.

It is also comfortable to wear with its light and soft material. You don’t have to worry about falling down from its strong waist banding. If you are the person who have not gone on summer vacation, this is a good item for your summer destination. Let’s utilize it in different ways before the hot weather goes away. (photo by bnt news DB, StyleNanda)

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Write: 2018-08-30 16:48:16 / Update: 2018-08-30 17:24:20

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