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Autumn is around the corner, get ready with Joy-Seulgi Fashion!

[by Oh Hyung-jun] The long summer that has tormented us with record high temperatures and typhoons is finally passing by. The scorching heat is slowing losing its power and the cool air during the morning and night let us know the autumn is just around the corner.

If you have not prepared your autumn clothes in a sudden change of weather, why not try fill up your closet by referencing Red Velvet’s fashionistas Joy and Seulgi’s fashion? Two members of Red Velvet, who recently made a comeback with ‘Power Up!’ to firmly establish the position of Summer Queens, stood in front of a photo wall of a fashion brand.

Styled with long sleeves, striped t-shirts, knitted sweaters and wide pants, each of them exude autumn atmosphere. The clothes didn’t make them not too warm but they matched items that are useful during the changing season to show case the perfect daily look. Let's look at their fashion, which has been more seasonal and practical than ever, and apply it to our daily look.

#Joy_Ribbed Knitted Sweater & Wide Pants

Joy, who has been boasting her mature charm, wore a knitted sweater and wide pants that was suitable for her image. She looked slim even in ribbed sweater, which can make people look heavier. She added a thin necklace to a curved V-neck sweater that showed off her neck line to create feminine and sensual mood.

In addition to the ribbed sweater, the wide pants she wore as a bottom had subtle pin stripes to make Joy’s body look longer and slimmer. She chose simple stilettos to keep it clean. If you follow this style from head to toe, you’ll be able to create a perfect office look for the changing season.

Editors’ Pick

As mentioned above, the Ribbed Sweater can make you look heavier so make sure to check the material and fit closely. This sweater is fitted enough to show off the body moderately and thick enough to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

The sleeves that covers half of the hands is perfect to show of the fragile femininity. The subtle shine adds luxuriousness to the look. It create a unique look when you match it with basic shirts, jackets and of course knitted sweaters.

#Seulgi_ Striped T-Shirts & Wide Pants

Fashionista Seulgi, who is easily spotted in front of the photo walls of fashion brand events, boasted simply yet unique look. She wore a casual stripe t-shirt with stripe wide pants like Joy.

The horizontal stripe on the top and the vertical strip on the bottom balanced her upper body and lower body perfectly. She only matched small earrings to her sleek hair to add simplicity to her look. It was unconventional use of the stripes and the simple style that almost looked boring, but Seulgi made it work with her unique attitude.

Editors’ Pick

A well-chosen striped T-shirt is a useful item that can be used for interesting styling throughout the year. Linen blended fabric boasts an airy fit without wrapping around the body. Striped t-shirts are a must have item for everyone. Why don’t you wear airy stripe t-shirt with linen material to fight off the changing season?

In addition, we recommend ruffle waist pants. The flexible waist line can be adjusted to fit each body type. If you hold your waist with a belt, a natural ruffles are created for a unique look. Since the waist line is the main point of this look, make sure to tuck in the top. The belt come with the pant as a pair. It is a total bargain. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)

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Write: 2018-09-12 17:11:53 / Update: 2018-09-12 17:21:02

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