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Nude makeup STYLING for the upcoming fall

[By Hwang So Hee] The scorching heat and the rainy season seemed to be over, and the autumn is around the corner. The body and mind, which have been exhausted by the unbearable heat, is feeling light by the cool autumn breeze. And our makeup changes along with the season.

If you have survived the heat with fresh juicy makeup this summer, nude makeup is a perfect way to create a seductive atmosphere in autumn. The nude makeup that fits the autumn's distinctive deep and delicate atmosphere can accentuate the fascinating mood.

If your mind goes straight to smoky makeup with a dark hue to capture the autumn atmosphere, take a step back. With a subtle hint of contour, you will create a deep eye and add a sexy charm with a subdued red lip to complete a trendy yet chic nude makeup.

>> Nude Makeup

When the dryness reaches the extreme during autumn, you must choose a base makeup that can create healthy and moisturized skin. Let create a dewy nude makeup look that look natural as if you are not wearing any makeup.

Nude makeup is based on a calm nude beige color to add more color and vitality to the face, and emphasize softer image. Complete matte finish can make your look out dated so choose a dewy finish foundation to show off the natural glow.


3CE Pink Boutique Creamful Foundation is a light, soft textured product that quickly clings onto your skin, allowing you to cover eye-catching dullness and irregularities at once. The Belgian spa water that rehydrate deep in your skin, Hippophae rhamnoides oil that is rich in antioxidant and the Natural Barrier Complex, which gives radiance to dry skin provides smooth and healthy skin.

>> Sultry eyes

If you want to create a look that is perfect for the autumn atmosphere, it is better to use contour makeup to produce sultry eyes. Depending on the nude makeup style, express a natural contour with natural beige eyeshadow that is 1 or 2 shade darker that your skin tone, instead of using a dark brown shades.

Use brown color eyeshadow in place of an eyeliner to achieve more defined eyes. Blend out the edge of the shadows naturally and add glitter shadow with soft pearl on the eyehole to create more sultry eyes.


3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette is a clear, soft color tone that naturally blends in with your original skin tone, helping to create a romantic appearance. It uses vegetable silica to effectively control oils on eyelids, so it wouldn’t crease and it doesn’t fall out or bunch up to adhere close to the skin. You can use the 9 shading and highlighter shades to create contour to your eyes and face.

>> Calm Red Lip

Nude tone makeup don’t always equal to minimum lip colors. To tone down and subdued MLBB red lipstick can add a point to double the graceful and alluring appeal.

The feature of autumn lip makeup is to emphasize the chic atmosphere with lipstick that has a matte finish on the outside with hydrating formula instead of a glossy lip products. Create a full lip when you are applying the lipstick to show off the rich saturation.


3CE Slim Velvet Lip Color uses the 3CE’s signature velvet formula to glide on like air. The creamy texture fills in the lip lines to create a smooth coated lips. Lightweight, delicate texture that does not feel heavy, and high-fidelity colors that is embodied in dense, closely adheres to lips to express deeper color. (photo by Stylenanda 3CE)

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