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2018 F/W Hot Trend! Leopard Styling Tip

[by Oh Hyeong-jun] The season of leopard is back. It is a beloved pattern by many fashion people every year; however, its movement is unlike other years for upcoming F/W season Not only in almost every brand have shown leopard pattern items, but also the fashion people have put on leopard look already to give vitality on the street.

Leopard is a great pattern to express sexy and wild vibe; however, it could be a ‘too-much-look’ to the people around them. Therefore, it is important to not forget the simple and suppress the leopard pattern when styling.

Of course there are no answers for fashion. But if you want to be a stylish star who can satisfy both oneself and the others, let’s match the pattern with monotone color and minimize the other colors and patterns. Already, a lot of celebrities have shown different looks applying above equation.

If you are a person who wants to try leopard pattern, mega-trend of this F/W season, but don’t know what to do or if you are a fashion people who wants to create an unique look using leopard, let’s refer to the celebrities leopard look on the stage. In addition, check out the recommended item that can be used for Real-way-look on this page.

Tip 1. Be provocative with one-piece dress and blouse

The leopard look that Hyo Min, who have released digital single ‘Mango’, showed at the mini case event became an issue. She created sexy look with mini one-piece dress that revealed her perfect body, black stocking and boots. She emphasized her thin waist with brown color leopard and yellow belt that is similar to leopard to add uniqueness.

Yoo Sun, who is known for her acting, caught attention with leopard fashion. She showed her unexpected charm with somewhat provocative leopard blouse in clean and smart looking jacket, resembles her usual image, at the movie show case. She presented clean leopard look with no unnecessary points by matching denim pants that goes with anything, I recommend you to refer to this styling because it’s the one you can actually try it in real life.

Tip 2. If it is too much, start with small item

Han Sunhwa’s, who showed off her beauty at the movie show case after a long time, leopard mini skirt is also an item you can refer to. You can complete the simple but look that draws attention with a simple t-shirt and leopard patterned skirt. The point here is that your top must be mono tone or achromatic color. As mentioned before, there is no answer to fashion but you have to memorize the point above to avoid failing at styling.

If you are a person who knows leopard pattern is pretty but still a little hesitant to try out, then let’s start from small accessories such as bags, earnings or belts. Park Kiryang gave a pointer on her black and brown styling with leopard tote bang. She gave emphasis with a point item while taking away the heavy vibe.

Editors' Pick

1. As mentioned before, if you are a beginner who is not used to leopard, try out small items first. They are handy with their appropriate size. Show your fashion sense by carrying them in your daily bag and use it when you have stuff to carry.

2. Blouse that adds sensual vibe is the best item to create feminine feeling with the provocative leopard. It adds sexiness with see-through material. And it keeps the leopards’ characteristic with clear printing despite of see-through material.

3. Let’s add uniqueness with clean beige silhouette mini skirt. Just by adding the leopard pattern on an ordinary skirt, it became a stylish item. It is an item that anyone can try by reducing the strong feeling through washing process. It is also comfortable to wear because it is made with elastic material.

4. If you want to draw attention with a single item, let’s choose this item. It maximizes the femininity with high neck and long sleeve. You can feel the smooth touch up to your neck without feeling suffocating with its thin material. It is a perfect item to enjoy the trend provocatively. (photo by bnt news DB, StyleNanda)

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