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Now You Need Them, Autumn Outer Duo

[by Oh Hyeongjun] There has been increase number of people who are trying to purchase an outer since the temperature is going to rapidly decrease after the Choo Seok holiday season. It is truly a joyful season for fashion people who enjoys wearing layered outfit by matching outer with various inner clothes.

But at the same time, this is the time when you have happy concern about which item to choose among various items such as jacket, cardigan, vast, leather jacket and coat. Since there are so many clothes and so little budget, let’s just focus only on two times that represent autumn: coat and leather jacket.

When you think about autumn, you have to think about the romantic experience from walking down the street with long jacket such as trench coat and single code. Moreover, styling using mannish and rough vibe with leather jacket is the fashion point you can only enjoy during autumn. We have looked into Ko Junhee and Jeon Eunchae, who are known for the Cool French trench chic style, who have shown us excellent airport styling using coat and leather jacket. Why don’t we purchase an amazing autumn outer referring to their styling?

Chic Girl Ko Junhee’s Choice: Long Coat

Her fashion for the Italian fashion week drawn people’s attention. It was a style that looked a little hot for that day but if you are a fashion star that is something you have to deal with it. She announced the arrival of autumn with the long coat and western boots that barely reaches her calf.

Her chic attitude along with new short cut hair and fall fashion really shined the look. All of her items, white t-shirt, denim pants and white western boots, made natural harmony. Her look received a comment saying her usual chic and sophisticated image goes well with the style.

We believe that the popularity of oversize coat will continue this fall

We believe that over size coat’s popularity will continue this fall. If you want to create cool and chic vibe like Ko Junhee, let’s choose over size coat. Its’ long length down to the ankle with generous width completes the chic look with any inner wear.

Also it creates natural silhouette because it is made with flexible material. You can also prevent it from being too much even though it is over size. You may have prejudice about long coat being heavy and uncomfortable to move; however, it is not heavy on the shoulder with its light weight. If you want to achieve both great look and activeness, you need this item.

Living French Chic Jeong Eunchae’s Choice: Leather Jacket

Jeong Eunchae’s fashion on the way to her flight for Italy on the same day was also a hot topic. She is a Wanna-be model of many girls with her pure and chic image. This theme, she has shown her fashionable side by creating rough and wild leather jacket to her own color.

She put all black styling and she put on clean black top with rolled up wide black jean. It may be a little dull look but she has given a unique point with her ankle boots with buckle decoration and stud bag.

We believe that the popularity of oversize coat will continue this fall

If you want to create pure and chic image like Jeong Eunchae, you should try on vintage leather jacket. You can show off both rough and feminine charm if you want with different inner wears. It is an attractive leather jacket with vintage glossy and natural crease affect.

Leather jacket may give heavy and rough image but with eco leather’s unique light weight and wearing, it eliminated its burden. It makes your overall body proportion better with appropriate length that goes to your pelvic and friendly toward activity with its generous width. It is the best item to utilize as daily item since it goes with any inner wear and bottom. (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda)

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Write: 2018-10-05 16:50:50 / Update: 2018-10-05 17:36:59

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