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Three Travel Destinations For The Weekend Getaway

[by Kim Hyojin] Traveling that will give recharge your life. We dream of getting out of daily routine and putting away our works but the reality is different. In this case, weekend getaway can leave you a long lasting memory within short time frame. I recommend great destinations that is great for weekend getaway to put everything behind.

Hong Kong

Mecca of shopping and dining. It is a holy destination for free travelers. Because it is known for Asia’s biggest shopping destination you can meet the various brand from all over world. Especially, you can travel Hong Kong easily because of its advanced public transit system. Moreover, when you leave long lasting memory of Hong Kong by looking at its night light at the Victoria Peak and Star ferry Harbor cruise.
Especially if you eat Korea’s N0.1 Oven roasted Chicken Brand Goobne Chicken, you can enjoy both taste and style. . Goobne Chicken Tsim Sha Tsui is considered one of the best location to enjoy the night sky view with its great beer and cocktail that pair well with chicken. Sweet and crunchy “Goobne Honey Curry Crisp Chicken’. Besides that, you can enjoy various menu such as ‘Chili Crisp Chicken’ ‘Soy garlic chicken’, Rolled Omelet, Cheese Tteok Bokki, Skewered chicken, cheese kimchi fried rice, cheese bulgogi friend rice and more.


Okinawa, the Hawaii of the east. With its clear sky, blue Emerald Ocean and subtropical forest makes it’s the perfect destination. You can enjoy various aquatic activity and you can look at the 8m shark at the Churaumi Aquarium.

Also if you visit there during the sun down, you can take the best picture with the great night view at the Sunset beach and you could enjoy vintage American style item and food at the American village locates right next to it. If you like coffee, I recommend Minatogawa Cafe Street. They have not only coffee but also sweet dessert and great meal; you should check this place out to enjoy the break.


Vladivostok, the starting and ending point of the Trans-Siberian train. Since it Keep places and landscapes of exotic European tourist attractions in close area, you can travel comfortably by foot Vladivostok has a beautiful street of Aribert the European-style buildings and Cafe are everywhere. Also since there are lots of pictures from artists from all over the street, it is called as a street of art.

In addition, the Vladivostok Victory Gate that was built to memorize the Vladivostok Russia Czar Nicholas II; its glamorous and detailed design is impressive. Especially, the legend of granting the wish when you pass underneath the Victory Gate drawn global tourists attentions. (photo by GoobNe Chicken, Honk Kong Department of Tourism, Be Okinawa, Russian Department of Tourism Official Website)

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