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YoonA - Miyawaki Sakura, visual representatives of Korea - Japan’s fashion show retreat

[by Oh Hyeong Jun] 2018 fall is going to be remembered as season with fashion week, launching event, presentation, and other events. From Hera Seoul Fashion Week started in October 15th, there are countless brands that will host new product launching event along with the Fashion Week.

You cannot talk about Fashion brand event without celebrities. Celebrities’ fashion, that makes event even more full, from new faces who first reveal themselves to the photo wall to the fashionistas who always keep their spot at the front row for a long time, always become issue.

There were countless celebrities revealed themselves at the event venue. Among them, we have looked into the representatives of Korea and Japan, beautiful Yoon A and Miyawaki Sakura’s fashion. Let’s check out their cool fashion item along with their beautiful looks.

Goddess of Photo Wall, YoonA

Yoon A, the visual of girl group Girl’s Generations who represent Korea, have revealed herself at a brand’s launching and party event site. Obviously with her beautiful look. Along with her beauty, her fashion drawn attention.

She have completed unique feminine fall fashion by matching the unique lace up skirt with bulky knit that has different length between front and back. It was a unique and sophisticated styling that showed military mood, with lace up detail from the bottom and zipper detail of top, and feminine vibe, with neat and silk material, at the same time.

Editor's Pick

If you want to get both femininity and warmth, nothing can beat the bulky silhouette knit. You can complete warm and feminine look with one oversized knit with thick texture. You can create well dressed up look without having colorful accessories by drawing the attention with unique mood of matching.

Also, it considered texture feeling when touching the skin with its soft inside and dimensional & smooth outside. If there’s another check point, that is the turtle neck line. It is made just long enough to secure activity by not touching the jaw; but keeping the warmth. It is an item you can layered with different items during winter.

Sakura, her fist Korean Fashion show retreat

If Korea has Girl’s Generation, Japan has AKB48. Miyawaki Sakura, a member of HKT48 team K4 and who have debut in Korea with IZ*ONE through Mnet ‘Produce 48’, have stand in front of Seoul Fashion Week’s photo wall. She showed her cute charm matching purple hoodie sweater that has ribbon on the shoulder with impressive patterned skirt.

She completed the attractive look by matching the news boy cap and lace up boots. She showed her usual cute and attractive image while showing the bad girl side of her by using black and purple color; matching hat and boots items to create rock chic mood.

Editor's Pick

Hoodie sweater, that can be sued any four seasons, become more valuable during fall. It is an item you can use anytime anywhere during any season with no fluff material. You can create skinny fit with oversized hoodie sweater that is big enough to share with your boyfriend as couple look.

Awkwardly oversized hoodie sweater may make you look fat; however, bulky size item can create skinny fit; it is also useful for layered look. You can cover cold by wearing shirt, thin outer, T-shirt underneath the hoodie sweater. If you have one, it has high utilization; it is perfect for the in between season. (photo by bnt News DB, StyleNanda)

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[bnt photo] Kwon Yu-ri ‘October is the month of Yu-ri

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