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Seoul Fashion Week, ☆’s jack styling

[by Oh Hyeong Jun] ‘The 2019 S/S Hera Seoul Fashion Week’ have ended its 6 days of journey. There were not only many buyers from Korea and other countries but also, model, actor, singers and many other celebrities participated to shine the show. Among many presentations and programs the photo wall event with celebrities’ appearance draw the most attention from the people during the Fashion Week.

There were countless celebrities appeared in front of the photo wall to fill up the front row of each shows since the dozens of fashion brands participated and launched their shows. The most eye catching item worn by singer, model, actor, comedian and other celebrities was jacket.

It was definitely the most eye catching item during this Fashion Week since it can give enough warmth with style if one just wears jacket with no deeper thought under the weather like this. Let’s look at the unique jackets selected by many celebrities.

Park Shin Hye- Han Yea Ri, Appealing the mannish charm with over size jacket

Actress Park Shin Hye and Han Yea Ri both matched the oversize jacket with wide pants to show style that is both mannish and feminine. First of all, Park Shin Hye wore black color blouse as inner wear while showing amazing black & white look by matching double jacket with wide pants.

Han yea Ri also caught people’s eyes with boxy jacket. With its long length and widths that is almost to half coat. Reviews said trademark short cut hair and mannish vibe made great collaboration with oversize styling.

Cheong Ha - Kong Hyo Jin - Stephani Lee, Appeal unique char with unique jacket

Let’s pay attention to their jacket styling if you are bored by ordinary jacket. Cheong Ha, Kong Hyo Jin, and Stephani Lee showed unique jacket styling; living up to their fashionista name. First of all, Cheong Ha draw attention with unique jacket that has wide label check jacket with lace-up detail.

Kong Hyo Jin, Fashionista who doesn’t disappoint the crowd, shown up with jacket styling that satisfy her reputation; jacket made with different material and pattern left and right. It was a styling that clearly but comfortably showed her character with natural looking hair and denim pants.

Actress Stephani Lee appeared showing off her long body line reminding that she is a model. The most impressive thing was her jacket. It was an item that give unique but modern by placing white color just on jacket label. All three people left the deep impression showing off their fashion sense while showing their images well.


(From Left) 1 it is an item that collaborates this seasons trade mark check pattern and oversize fit. With its wool material, it give soft and natural silhouette. It is perfect to create vintage and casual vibe with its classic check pattern. It can also give warmth with its high wool material. It is a strong item you can utilize from chilly late fall to early winter.

2 If there is a material that is being especially loved, it is Corduroy. It is an oversize jacket made with Corduroy. When you just look at it, it looks like a simple Corduroy jacket but when you look into it, it’s an item with different color between left and right side. Because the left side is gray and right side is mint with same tone, it may look calm but when you look into it, it shows uniqueness.

3 it’s an oversize jacket that used most basic color, black. You cannot fail in matching with any item with its wide fit and basic color. It goes great with pants, skirt, dress and any other style; also, it can create any situation, from dress up to casual. It is a good jacket to have one. (photo by bnt news DB, StyleNanda)

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Write: 2018-11-02 14:32:10 / Update: 2018-11-02 14:48:07

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