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4 foods which please the palates of Hong Kong people

[by Kim Hyo-Jin] When you visit Hong Kong, you have to visit the night market along with the shopping area. The Hong Kong viewed from Victoria Peak at night time is essential for Hong Kong tour. In addition, as Hong Kong is a famous destination for the delicious foods, there are many tourists going to Hong Kong who want to enjoy the foods. Though the size of population is not so big, there are a variety of restaurants and various street foods in Hong Kong that Hong Kong can be called as the city for gourmet. If you travel Hong Kong, there are foods you have to try. They range from the dim sum and noodle which are the representative foods of Hong Kong to the dessert. Of course, they are the foods strongly recommended by Hong Kong people.

Dim sum

Dim sum in Hong Kong is the menu which people can lightly enjoy as brunch or lunch. Dim sum literally means “to tap the heart” and you can enjoy 150 varieties of dim sum at a dim sum restaurant. It would be a real healing if you gather with family members, friends and work colleagues at a dim sum restaurant, order dim sums and spend the time with them together while making conversations.

In addition, the Dim sum is often called as Yum cha, which literally means “to drink the tea”. When people eat the dim sum, they also drink tea. If you enjoy the dim sum along with the warm tea, it means that you enjoy the dish in Hong Kong style.


Siu mei is the traditional cooked Chinese barbecue. When you go to Hong Kong, you would see a lot of meats hanging from the hooks in the windows of restaurants. If you want to enjoy the local taste, you have to eat the barbecue along with the cooked rice, noodle or/and rice noodle. Especially, the Char Siu is the Chinese barbecue pork which is the dish which is familiar to the people around the world. As it is the boneless pork meat marinated and then cooked over the fire, it is characterized by the sweetness.

In addition, you can easily find the duck or goose meats. The products which are vacuum packed are good for the present. You can also easily find the small plate which is the barbecue you can taste without feeling any burden. It is the good news for the single traveler.

Milk tea

Hong Kong is the place where you can strongly feel the Chinese tea culture. If you add the condensed milk to various kinds of teas such as black tea, you can enjoy the sweetness and aroma filling your palate. Due to the attractiveness of the milk tea, there are a lot of people who prefer the milk tea to coffee.

As the milk tea’s popularity is high, its popularity spreads around the world. More people love the milk tea not only in Hong Kong but also in other countries. To keep better taste of milk tea, people in Hong Kong make effort to keep its tradition and develop new taste. Meanwhile, the milk tea is growing not just as the beverage or dessert but also to become the representative food of Hong Kong.


If you look for new trendy food which you have not tasted up to now, pay attention. You can meet the leader in Korea’s chicken-beer boom even in Hong Kong. Goobne Chicken, which is Korea’s No. 1 oven cooked chicken, cooks the chicken meat by cooking it in an oven without frying it in the oil, thus considering both the taste and the health at the same time.

Goobne Chicken which is favored by not only Korean people but also people around the world, has various menus including the Goobne Honey Curry Basasak Chicken, which is one of best menus, the Pepper Basasak Chicken, and Soy Garlic Chicken as well as the special rolled omelet, cheese tteokbokki and others. Goone Chicken branches located in Causeway Bay, Tesung Kwan O and Central are favored by many people in Hong Kong. (photo by Goobne Chicken, official webpage of Hong Kong Tourism Board)

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