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Anytime, Anywhere! Quick make-up

[by Hwang So Hee] if you are a female who puts makeup, you would understand there’s a lot of us out there who are concern about makeup going away during afternoon. It is almost disappointing that the makeup we put so much effort during busy morning after reducing sleeping hours just disappear mixed up with oil.

It is more complicated than putting makeup on bare face since we have to reapply base after getting rid of dryness with moisturizing cream after wiping out the messed up makeup with cleansing tissue. Also to busy business women, fixing makeup is a luxury.

For people who are either concern about makeup goes away by afternoon or not confident enough to go out of house with bare face, I’ve got quick makeup that can be done anytime and anywhere. If you want to maintain beauty all day long, let’s follow these tips.

>> Fast but delicate! Stick Foundation

The most makeup important part of makeup is skin that is the base of everything. No matter how good the color, if the base makeup is not completed, it is hard to get the true result. Days like nowadays with dry and sharp breeze, dry skin that makes makeup to stand out white becomes an issue.

If you don’t want to miss out moisture, covering dry skin and thorough covering power, let’s utilize stick foundation. Stick foundation, with great covering power and excellent adherence by softly drying itself, can complete the base makeup easily without having to touching foundation with hands.


3CE LAYER COVERING STICK FOUNDATION, finishes the base makeup within 1 minute, has modified its signature sticky texture and allow you to complete the smooth skin with its soft melting texture that thoroughly sticks to the skin. With its excellent adherence, you can create delicate skin by reapplying to the area that needs to be cover. It is also perfect for fixing makeup.

>> Good bye to spreading eye line, mascara that protects you from moisture and oil

Eye makeup requires the longest time during makeup because it needs delicate hands. It will be great if you can maintain lucid eyes for a long time as much as you invested in; however, we found ourselves looking like panda because of oil.

If you are worried about easily spreading eye line despite the fact that you want to create big and cool eyes, choose mascara that covers moisture and oil. Mascara that creates dizzily eyelashes can make eyes more wide open than eye liners.


3CE WATERPROOF LONG & CURL MASCARA that is strong against moisture & oil can give long lash effect with its soft curvy brush tip; you can create dizzily long eyelashes with one touch. It creates more clear and sharp eyes with high content color pigment and you can create perfect eye makeup for all day long without it being messy.

>> Complete moist and chewy lips

Lip makeup can be most simple; however the carelessly done lip can look messy because it is out of lip line or it could stand out due to lip dead skin. Lip makeup that affect largely from condition just like skin is important to keep it moist by applying chapstick before applying lip product.

You can maintain moist and lively lip makeup by applying chapstick and lipstick continuously; however, it is annoying and easy to lose small lip product. If you want to have great coloring and full lips by one touch, let’s choose lip product with plumping effect.


3CE PLUMPING LIP melts at the moment it touches lip; its melting texture allow you to finish lips with shiny and full lips with more glossy and density compare to lip-gloss. It can maintain nutritious care by penetrating into dry lips fast with 5 vegetable oils with great moisturizing power such as organic baobab, avocado, argan, calendula and coconut.

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