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Dry Winter, scalp needs hydration!

[by Hwang So Hee] Sharp wind outside, and hot heater wind indoor dries November extremely. Dried skin is usually under care, but there are many people who overlook condition of hair and head skin. Temperature difference indoor and outside easily breaks balance between lipid and liquid in head skin and even cause layer of dead skin furtherly will affect hair condition.

Just skin has dry, oily, and hybrid types, head skin and hair have different types such as dry, oily, and sensitive. Before decide care that will be applied, knowing type of head skin and hair, condition, symptom of trouble is essential to get proper diagnosis to prevent
deterioration of head skin.

Healthy hair grows from healthy skin. If you want healthy and shiny hair, then caring head skin is prior. Stimulating head skin by massage is essential to spread nutrition evenly.
Proper intensity of stimulation on head skin will improve blood circulation and waste excretion.

Let’s take a look of head skin massage that will help nutrition distribution.
When you conduct massage, using the tip of fingers and roll around smoothly. Head skin is thinner and more delicate than facial skin, so excessive stimulation by nail will damage the head skin instead helping the blood circulation.

Like cleansing is more important than makeup, Shampoo care to maintain hygienic condition is extremely significant. Dead skin, dust, and excessive lipids that block pore has to be cleansed away properly.

Combing before shampoo can positively affect in cleansing dust on head skin. Massage after soak hair with warm water. Cleansing is the most important step of head skin care.
To have healthy skin and hair, picking right products for hair is essential. Shampoo and treatment must match with type of skin and hair. For example, shampoo that has strong cleansing ability possibly washes away all the lipids that might deteriorate hydration for dry type skin.

Iluily is a shampoo brand that uses colors and scenes sensitively. It is consisted by pink, green, yellow, and purple color and each contains rose, teatree, lemongrass, and lavender to maintain skin as moist as possible. It is also efficient on recovering skin balance.

Especially, Iluily has collections not only shampoo but also treatment, essence, skin mist, hair mist, and even skin care. Variety of collection can satisfy various requirements. For more detail information, it is able to check through the official web site of ILUILY brand. (photo by bnt news DB, Ecomine)

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