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3 steps for moisturizing rough skin

[by Hwang SoHee] It is difficult to look at the clear sky in winter due to fine dust and yellow dust. Especially, this winter season is very hard for skin because of a huge daily temperature range in the morning and evening and the frigid weather which records sub-zero temperatures. As heaters are constantly activated to avoid the cold indoors, skin has no time to breathe.

Skin which has a hard time because of the weather and stimulating external environment loses the protective ability, is easily stimulated, and complains of dryness. The dry skin gets to be flaky as dead skin cells are not properly separated from it and are left on the surface. In this case, you hate them aesthetically and they cause all kinds of troubles as they blocks pores when they are neglected.

More special treatment methods are required in the winter season which causes various skin diseases. If you feel dryness because of water loss due to surroundings, you need to concentrate on taking care of your moisture.

Step 1 Exfoliation

You worry about flaky dead skin cells every winter. Usually, dead skin cells, one of symptoms which represent dryness, are naturally separated from skin. But when skin is dry, they are left on the surface without being completely separated.

However, if you force dead skin cells to be removed, they stimulate sensitive skin due to dryness. So you have to be careful. In order to remove dead skin cells without stimulation, it is good to utilize peeling toner which prevents water from being lost and creates the soft skin surface.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO PEELING TONER is exfoliation toner which makes your skin smooth by removing dead skin cells and moisturizing it. Dead skin cells become a problem because you have a bad makeup when they are accumulated. As this product completely removes makeup residues and waste left on your skin and arranges skin texture to be soft, you can feel that you have a good makeup every morning.

Step 2 Face Mask

If you remove dead skin cells on your skin softly with peeling toner, it’s time to fill insufficient nutritional contents. If a skin barrier is knocked down, it may advance the aging process and and easily cause skin troubles. So it is important to have a strong protective film for skin.

The best method for filling nutrients is to continue to take care of your skin at home. A simple and easy face mask pack has found to be high satisfaction because you can get effective results by spending time of 10 to 20 minutes applying it. Let’s make skin which were stimulated all day long take a rest with a face mask.


3CE BACK TO BABY MASK #NOURISHING SPECIAL is the two step mask that glow essence provides nourishment for dry skin and a cream mask makes your skin moist by keeping moisture. Glow essence which blended olive oil, macadamia seed oil, and camellia oil with one another makes your skin smooth and shiny by soothing flaky dead skin cells and creating a protective film for skin.

Step3 Forming a moisturizing film

It is too early to feel safe because you filled nutritional contents with a face mask. It is important to form a strong moisturizing film for your skin which frequently complains of dryness. Let’s prevent water from being lost by concentrating on taking care of your skin with moisturizing cream after caring it with a mask pack before going to bed.

If you use an heavy and oily product for moisturizing your skin, it cannot penetrate deep unto the skin because it stays on the skin surface so that it can cause dryness in the skin. Form a moisturizing film with moist cream with strong absorptive power.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO FACIAL CREAM keeps your skin moist for a long time as milk protein extract of 50% is helpful for forming skin barrier and finishes it to be fresh without being sticky by forming a thin moisturizing coating film on the skin surface. It makes you feel hydrating by forming a double moisturizing film, completes effects to lock water not to remove it, and create the beautiful skin.

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