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The winter of Hong Kong is filled with various events

[by Kim Hyojin] There are no any half-hearted things in anything in Hong Kong. People are hot and full of passion when they do everything. Especially, they are burning in events. Hong Kong is filled with various events. Which fun things does Hong Kong have in December and new year?

Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival

Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival is first shown in Hong Kong in 2018. Local and overseas artists will gather in Hong Kong and show various works made by light. They will upgrade dignity of the night as they harmonize with beautiful skylines.

Colorful lighting and shows including Christmas trees, Christmas light decorations around the port, and a special winter edition of Symphony of Light will be shown in places. If you want to enjoy proper nigh views of Hong Kong, it is recommended to make sure to visit Hong Kong this winter.

Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations

A spectacle countdown event will be held in Victoria Harbor. It is aired on CNN. Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations is the extensive event that hundreds of thousands of people gather for this festival every year. A lot of tourists who visit Hong Kong to enjoy it on December 31st, which is the last day of this year, greet the unique New Year looking at the countdown to the new year together.

Now, it’s the right season to enjoy the festival easily with families because the temperature is not low like the midwinter that it snows. You can watch the show everywhere if you can see Victoria Harbor and the observatory. If you want to avoid a crowd of people, it is a good way to enjoy the event any place near it.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year

Among endless parties held in the city all the year round, the peak is Chinese New Year. Hong Kong is filled with the festival atmosphere around this time. The shopping centers have a sale and all kinds of events including parades and fireworks continue to be held.

Especially, music, dance, and lighting excite the senses. Tsim Sha Tsui becomes the street without cars and the whole street turns into a cultural performance center during this period. Many tourists visit this street every year because they can watch extraordinary sight and Hong Kong’s own New Year scenes.

Famous restaurant

Delicious food is always with pleasant events. It is a good way to alleviate your hunger with street food in Hong Kong. But unique food is recommended on special days. Especially, takeout food is right for enjoying festivals.

You can taste Goobne Chicken, the No. 1 baked chicken brand in Korea, in Hong Kong Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Tseung Kwan O, and Causeway Bay. Goobne Chicken will show the unique Korean taste with Honey Curry Crispy Chicken which creates the unique taste as simple chicken without oil by baking in oven, not frying it in oil harmonizes with sweet honey and the fragrant smell of curry. (photos by Goobne Chicken, official web site of the Hong Kong Tourism Board)

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