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Actress fashion in the preview of 'Swing Kids'

[by Oh Hyeongjun] On Dec., 6, Lotte Cinema World Tower branch in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, was very crowded, since there was a VIP preview of the movie, 'Swing Kids'. It is a work which was directed by director, Kang Hyongcheol of "Over speed Scandal" and "Sunny", starred by Do Kyungsoo, who is also a member of Korea's top idol group EXO, and Park Hyesoo, who showed impressive acting in lots of movies and dramas, and raising the interest highly.

Reflecting such high expectations, the red carpet for the preview also crowded with many stars. Members of EXO as well as fellow entertainers of the leading actors and actresses participated in the movie, making it hordes of people, including the reporters.

As many celebrities appeared, their unique style attracted attention as well. We scoped on the fashions of actress, Lee Yeonhee, Nam Bora and Jeong Dabin, who have been attracted spotlight for their remarkable style at the hot site. Let's check out what items you've captured, right now. 

Lee Yeonhee

Lee Yeonhee, an actress who showed new charm with boyish and friendly appearance in tvN's "Triumvirate of island, Season 2" this summer, stood in front of photo-wall. She caught the attention by her unique styling as well as her usual beautiful appearance. She wore handmade coat with a thin thickness-feel and a hoody one-piece emphasized a comfortable but feminine impression.

Wearing a long dress, a long-length coat, and high-heeled brown boots, which could emphasize her tall height, brought an effect of better-looking ratio. The color combination with gray and brown attracted the attention.

Editor’s Pick

A handmade coat that can wear at all times without any burden, from autumn to early winter and spring, is recommended. In fact, if a person who moves by a car can, since one can wear a handmade coat even in the middle of winter, it is a universal outdoor-wear that can be worn in winter at any time.

One of the characteristics is that the buttons can be seen when you wear it opened button, but when you fill button up, you can give a neat and tidy impression with the hidden buttons. In spite of its thin thickness, it has the advantage to give an enough heat with 100% wool.

Nam Bora

Nam Bora, an actress turned into short-cut hair, boasted her stylish all-black style. She showed off a double-button coat with a live shoulder line, the black turtleneck, the bottom of a pin stripe, the black long boots, and the sensible all-black look. She matched the black short-cut hair and black mini-bag, gave a neat and tidy styling that suited the official ceremony.

The look could have been boring, but she showed a sense of sensitivity that reduces boredom and gives points by adding a pin stripe patterned bottom clothes.

Editor’s Pick

There are also many formal occasions in winter time, such as end-of-year meetings, weddings and etc. Let's prepare this coat if it is ambiguous to wear a padding. It is not only high in wool content but also heat-preserving enough to replace padding with thick thickness.

Since there is a 10mm thick pad in the shoulder, it creates a modern and formal silhouette. It will be a must-have item for winter meeting styling, with both warmth and formality. But, it doesn't mean not fit against the casual looks. As shown in the left side of picture, it is even great to match with denim as casual.

Jeong Dabin

Jeong Dabin, who started out as a child actress and is now growing up as a excellent actress with various roles and acting, was also in front of photo-wall. She boasted the fresh charm of her late teens with lime-colored knitwear, showing consistent beautiful appearance even in now and childhood.

She created a delicate mood with the oversized knitwear and long shirts, showed off long legs and surprising proportions with black long boots.

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