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Four colors for four persons! A Look at private clothes of Blackpink

[by Oh Hyeongjun] Girl group “Blackpink” gets the spotlight due to their perfect beauty and music; The girl group Blackpink is very popular not only due to their looks, music and choreography but also their chic fashion and styling.

They have firmly constructed their own style as they appear with the high-end brand clothes on the stage. At the same time, down from the stage, they show their unique personality with various brands and items, thus getting a lot of attentions from fashion people.

As they are great influencers over the fans, multiple fashion brands have made efforts to pick them up as their models or stand them in front of the photo wall of any event. Let’s check out the private fashion of Blackpink members to find out what kind of style or attraction they used to attract the mind of fashion people.


Jenny who won the first place on many music charts and music broadcastings with the announcement of her solo album, is well known for her unique fashion sense even among Blackpink members. She has been selected as the beauty model and fashion ambassador of a high-end brand which is known to be very picky in choosing a model, which has been hard for a member of girl groups. She has shown the leopard pattern beret, cardigan and black dress on her SNS.

Editor’s Pick

If you are not comfortable with Jenny’s magnificent leopard pattern, why don’t you have a cardigan having a cool feel? As it has the friendly color with the soft textile, it will make you have a practical and sensible styling. As it has the sufficient fit, it can even match with the thick inner wear.


Lisa catches the people’s eyes with her unrealistic body shape and dance skill. She looks to enjoy the checkered shirts having comfortable feel. As she enjoys the casual clothes and the checkered items in styling, her style is known to well match with her casual and active image.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to get the casual feel like Lisa, why don’t you prepare the checkered pattern shirts having enough fit. You can make the unique feel with the cool color and overfit silhouette. As it can match with any other items, it can help you to get good style even in winter time.


Jisoo often is called as the face of Blackpink, or the best visual king. She also shows the checkered items. Unlike Lisa, she added more feminine mood to the casual feel. With the checkered pattern one-piece which shows the distinct leg and body lines, she brags her feminine sense and perfect body line.

Editor’s Pick

If you want to get the feminine feel and freshness like Jisoo, why don’t you choose this checkered pattern one-piece. With the fresh color, sufficient fit and perfect waistline, it would help you to show your various attractions. If you put on knit or sweater shirt on the upper body, you can get another look as it can be applied in various ways.


Rose plays a critical part in Blackpink with her attractive voice and vocal skill as well as refined appearance. As she symbolizes the wannabe looks, she is the wannabe for my women. Rose shows the simple but refined look as she matches the simple inner wear with the brown coat.

Editor’s Pick

If you want the coat which makes you look like Rose and have the chic feel, why don’t try this coat. As this has the straight silhouette, it is good with the uniquely slim fit. As there is the string on the wait, you can tighten the line. As it has many pockets, it is very practical (photo by Jenny, Lisa, Jisoo and Rose’s instagrams, Stylenanda)

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