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The Protagonist in year-end party is just me. Beautiful make-up

[by Hwang Sohee] The start of new year 2019 is just around the corner. In December, which finished a year, there are a lot of meetings with friends. What is important in the year-end meeting is just the make-up which finished the beautiful look along with the dress code.

The party make-up shall not be made with the excessive and dark color only as that would make the look old fashioned. What makes the beautiful looks is to emphasize the nose, eye, ear and mouth in a harmonious way.

If you want to show off your beauty at a year-end party, you should pay attention. We have prepared a very good make-up styling which can get attentions from people. Let’s make a point with the sparkling glitter and attractive lip make-up.
# Base make-up

The fanciful glitter and the dark lip make-up are the points. So, what is important is to complement the skin tone but make the base make-up not thickened as the transparent skin tone and natural glow are the factor making beautiful.

Clear the skin tone after basic stage and then conceal the conspicuous defects. The concealer is convenient to correct the total tone as well as local tone. After the use of concealer, make sure to spread it with brush or hand so that there is no visible boundary.


3CE COVER POT CONCEALER is the ultimate cover mat fit concealer which removes the stain or scar with one touch. It makes the make-up stuck to the skin without any swelling for long time and is kept for long as it is resistant to sweat and oil. As its hard-waxing formula has good adhesiveness, and is easy to control, it is convenient to spread.
# Eye make-up

This year, the glitter make-up is a trend. It shall not be missed even at the beautiful year-end party. Let’s use the glitter make-up which emphasizes the glittering eyeline by using the shimmer pearl which is soft to the glitter which has the strong sparking effect and unique coarse particle.

It is easy to find out the glitter products of various textures in the market as the glitter make-up becomes popular. The glitter shadow is simple but has weak adhesiveness and may look a little fuzzy as its powder may be blown away.


As it is softly stuck to the waster base, and its powder does not fly, there is no effect by which the powder is caught between double eyelids. As it has big pearls and expresses the brilliant gloss and sense of pearl from any angle, it can help you to keep the sparking eye shape which lasts long as it is not removed by oil or sweat.
# Lip make-up

As the point is given to the eye make-up with the beautiful glitter, it is important to adjust it with other make-up for harmony. If the dark color is used, the looks may be excessive. Therefore, it is important to control the looks with the proper make-up.

The core make-up in the year-end party is the red lip. As the red lip makes the various mood depending on the chroma and texture, it is good to select the MLBB red lip having low chroma. It is because the make-up looks attractive and sexy. For the lip make-up, the lip brush shall be properly applied to the lip line.


As 3CE MATTE LIP COLOR #228 can clearly express the lip line without any displacement when the primary mat texture is put on the lip, it is excellent in the trendy make-up of full lip. As it has excellent color, it is good for showing the sensible color. #228 is the retro red color which has the cool and dense MLBB added to the beautiful red, it is good not only for party make-up but also for daily item.

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