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Complete conquering of contouring makeup

[by Hwang Sohee] Due to continuing cold weather, even the Han River is frozen. Due to national weather center’s prediction of having a colder weather than previous year for this year, we are busy with arming ourselves with thick winter jacket. Because of the winter cold weather, we have to stick with same long bubble jacket.

If you are tired of dark long bubble jacket styling due to cold weather, it is good to try to change image by trying out new makeup routine. If you are tired of daily natural makeup, let’s try on contrast makeup that maximize the enchanting vibe.

Contouring makeup that once considered too much have receiving spotlight for being a trendy makeup. Let’s try to switchover to sexy image with contouring makeup that emphasize sharp face while settling the face outline.

Creating zero flaw skin

The most important thing in contouring makeup is to complete the smooth skin base before you emphasize the thick outline. Because it is hard to create dimensional face with sharp looks in skin with notable flaw.

If you cover the flaw with foundation with no hesitation, it could make you look hillbilly like or old due to thick makeup. Let’s emphasize smooth skin with stick foundation that is thin and light but powerful cover power.


3CE LAYER COVERING STICK FOUNDATION complete the smooth skin like you have applied blur filter with its soft melting texture that is light but thoroughly sticks to the skin. With its excellent adherence, you can create delicate skin by reapplying to the area that needs to be cover. And you can finish the fix up make up fast and smooth with its mini foundation brush.

Dimensional face
When you are doing contouring makeup, it is good to create outline with one or two tone darker color than your usual foundation. Then, you can create natural looking contouring makeup by emphasizing bottom of lips, eyes and nose line with bright highlighter.

Be careful when you are doing contouring makeup: if you use shading and highlighter that has opposite color harmony, it could make your makeup super unnatural.


3CE FACE CONTOUR TUNING PALETTE has no fur highlighter, middle shading and cover shading in one palette that allows you to create natural and more dimensional contouring makeup. Tawny color creates natural and complete contouring makeup with its subtle yellow base without reddish color.

Natural shading
The most important thing in contouring makeup is to naturally showing the limits. In order to do that, it is good to use contouring makeup-only brush. If you use hand, sponge or regular brush, it could emphasize more limit.

Let’s apply shading on the curved parts such as forehead, cheek bone and nose line then blend the highlighter with brush on each cheeks, nose line and end of the chin. You can increase the makeup duration and create natural contouring makeup by applying powder on entire face after finishing off the shading and highlighter.


3CE BLUSH & CONTOUR BRUSH can create sharp face with its soft touch and natural color that settle face outline. You can create soft usage without stimulating the face by using the best artificial hair from Germany. You can easily do shading and blusher with dual brush.

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