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2019 S/S Eye Make-up Trend

[by Hwang So Hee] In the new year, the beauty brands are showing more new make-up items here and there. From the shadow make-up which is still the favorite in 2019, to the glitter item and shadow items having fantastic color, the various items attract the consumer’s purchasing desires.

As the popular fashion items change every year, the beauty styling also changes. If you want to be a fast beauty trend setter, it would be fine for you to check out the leading make-up trend of this year and complete the stylish make-up.

The following shows 2019 eye make-up trend ranging from the bright and colorful shadow and the glitter shadow to the eyebrow make-up which gives the stylish sense to the naturally combed hair.

# Colorful shadow

Pantone, which is a US company specializing in the colors, selected the living coral as the color of 2019. Pantone’s color of the year affects a lot of fields including beauty, fashion, and culture and leads the color trend.

Subsequent to the color Ultra Violet which was very popular in 2018 as the trend color, the color of this year “living coral” is likely to take position as the trendy make-up color. Though the coral is a color easily used for the make-up, its generating mood varies depending on the use part and texture.


3CE PRO MULTI EYE COLOR PALETTE is the limited special kit commemorating 10th anniversary of 3CE. It is composed of 25 wearable color shadows. As MUSEDAY is composed of various colors ranging from basic daily color to the bright colors, it can be used as not only a shadow but also as eyebrow and shadow make-ups.

# Glitter shadow

Subsequent to the last year, the glitter item is likely to be popular this year. As the glitter shadow is supposed to be diversely used ranging from party make-up to the daily make-up depending on the size and glittering of pearl, it can add new mood.

The glitter shadow catches the view of the other people with its glitter. Prior to using it, you had better remove the oil from around your eyes in order to prevent the powder from flying. If you want more adhesiveness, you had better use the liquid style glitter shadow.


3CE SPARKLING LIQUID PIGMENT is the sparking pearl pigment which shows the pearl’s unique high-class gloss. As its water base is good to be stuck and sparkle, you can express the clear and sparkling eyes. The glimmer color adds the beautiful glitter of pink gold pearl to the slightly shining pearl.

# Lion eyebrow

The eyebrow make-up which is called as the lion eyebrow or feather eyebrow emerges as a new hot item for eyebrow overseas. As it helps the eyebrow to look as if each strand of hair is independently alive like a lion’s eyebrow, it adds the stylish look on your face.

As the people in the East have less eyebrow strands but more developed eyebrow bone than those in the West, it is good to fill the eyebrow with the eyebrow mascara and add the volume with the highlighter. If your eyebrow’s strands are not uniform or are rare, fill it with the eyebrow kit and comb it with brush. (photo by Stylenanda)

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Write: 2019-01-16 15:31:34 / Update: 2019-01-16 16:14:14

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