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Moisture recharge solution for thirsty skin

[By Hwang Sohee] due to continuous cold breeze and fine dust cause by Chinese smog, the skin is under attack without any protection. The skin barrier can easily fall down due to dry air and fine dust.

When the skin barrier, which protects skin from outer stimulation while keeping the moisture, falls, skin will suffer from severe dryness. This could cause dry skin, itchiness, in some severe cases, trouble, dry eczema, rash and other severe skin diseases. It is important to take action during early stage.

In order to protect your skin from outer environment, such as strong cold breeze, outdone indoor heating and fine dust, that threaten skin barrier, it is important to give enough moisture. Let’s look into the moisture supply solution that will solve the skin dryness concern.

>>skin layering

To give the moisturizing down to inner part of skin, it is good to utilize skin layering management that suits your skin concern. Unlike daily beauty routine, applying toner-essence-lotion (cream) order, it is giving change depends on the skin type.

Skin with lack of moisture can cause active oil production or trouble due to out of balance of moisture-oil balance. Let's try to mix use water type toner and essence that will fill up the moisture in skin.


3CE WHITE MILQHIDRO MILD TONER helps to balance the skin's moisture-oil balance control and it completes the healthy and clean skin tone by delivering moisturizing feeling effectively. With its milk protein extract, it keeps soft and moist moisturizing lower without any damage to the skin.


3CE WHITE MILQUIDRO GLOSSY ESSENCE will make your skin into skin with flexibility by filling in the moisture from inside of skin. With its milk protein extract, Pantanal, vitamin E derivative that helps formation of moisture barrier will create an ideal double moisturizing without stickiness.

>> Strengthening skin barrier step

It is too early to relief yourself from refilling moisture though skin layering step .The skin, that is exposed to stimulating outer environment, will lose the moisture soon enough. In order to keep the moisture for long period of time after filling outside and inside of skin is to give proper care of skin barrier with moisturizing cream.

If your skin doesn't absorb the moisture after you applying the product with moisturizing affect is a waste. Make sure you softly massage and rolling the skin to properly observe the moisturizing cream after applying it.


3CE WHJTE MILQUIDRO FACIAL CREAM create double moisture barrier to lock in the moisture inside of your skin. Also it helps to from the skin barrier to keep the moisture for a long time without stickiness.

>>moisture booster

During winter, when you feel the dryness constantly, it is good to provide moisture habitually. Dry and thirsty skin can make your makeup not blend in or create dry skin that is visibly not pleasing. Let’s choose mist that will catch the dryness while increase the adherence of your make up.


3CE MYSTERY WATER created nutritious essence into mist that will form moister barrier anytime anywhere almost like putting a facial mask. Shea butter and avocado oils abundant nutrition will give deep moisturizing affect in skin that you will be able to feel the healthy glow. When you mix the mystery water and foundation in makeup puff and applicator, you will be able to create moist makeup as you apply moisture primer.(photo by Stylenanda)

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