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Duel in fashion between Seo Eun-soo and Chae Jung-an or two actresses appearing in drama “Legal High”

(by Hwang Yeon-do) Following the JTBC drama “SKY Castle” which obtained the highest rating among the drams made by non-terrestrial broadcasting stations, the new drama “Legal High” premiered on JTBC on Feb. 8, at 11: pm.

In this drama, Go Tae-rim who is an arrogant lawyer but has a 100 percent success rate in the case (played by Jin Goo) and Seo Jae-in who is a passionate 100% rookie and righteous lawyer (played by Seo Eun-soo) appear as the lead actor and actress. This drama is the remake of a Japanese drama which is the comic and interesting legal drama about two lawyers who are very different from each other. It would be aired on every Friday and Saturday in a week. This is a comic court drama for people in all ages.

With the interest in the work increasing, the duel between Seo Eun-soo and Chae Jung-an in their beautiful look, catches our eyes. In this drama, Seo Eun-soo plays a rookie lawyer having the righteous mind while Chae Jung-an plays the role of brain lawyer having the beautiful look and prestige. Let’s take a look at their fashions in the public events and their casual wear look.

# Comparison in their fashion in public event

There was a production announcement event on the production of the drama “Legal High” at Imperial Palace Hotel, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on 7th. On the day, the main actresses Seo Eun-soo and Chae Jung-an showed the bobbed-hair and the black one-piece as the dress code. Seo Eun-soo wore the simple black dress added with the glossy belt and earring, thus showing her own mood of purity and innocence. On the other hand, Chae Jung-an put on the tight black mini dress made of metallic materials, thus emphasizing her fantastic bodyline and doll-like beautiful face.

Editor’s Pick If you want to get the pure and simple look like Seo Eun-soo, why don’t you choose the black dress which is long down to the knee. It would be a good method as the color black tends to put more priority on the lovely attractiveness than the color white or pink. If you want to add more to that style, wear the accessory of white which is compared with the black.

If you want to emphasize the slender body line like Chae Jung-an, you may put on a tight black mini one-piece. Even if you do not add the accessory to it, you can get the chic and refined look. If you match it with front sharpened ankle boots, you can emphasize your long and fantastic leg line.

# Comparison in casual wears

Seo Eun-soo has the attractiveness of a bright and pure girl. Her lovely look can be recognized from the postings on her Instagram. As we can know from her SNS photos, she pursues the simple styling which does not look as if she put a lot of efforts in look by wearing just the T-shirts or overfit shirts. Fans were excited at their looks, saying “You are so pretty”, “You are pretty and also you look kind” and “You look pretty even though you do not put on the make-up”.

Editor’s Pick If you want to wear the casual clothes like Seo Eun-soo, it would be good for you to select the soft toned man-to-man. As the man-to-man added with English logo creates the vintage mood, it can help you to complete the lovely look. As it can be used for various moods depending on the type of bottoms such as wide fit denim pant, sporty jogger pants, long skirt, or mini skirt, it can be a good item for daily look.

Chae Jung-an shows off herself with not only the cool looking face but also the slender body, which is unrealistic for ordinary people. As her photos in Instagram show, she seems to like the chic but boyish stylings. After watching her beautiful look in wide fit suit, her fans exclaimed by saying “Are you a doll?”, “You style is very good”, “Your beauty runs back in time.”

Editor’s Pick If you want a chic and refined look as Chae Jung-an, why don’t you put on a overfit suit? As that helps you with the beautiful wide silhouette and get the stylish fashion regardless of height or body shape, it can be said a magic item. If you want to expose your feminine characteristics, you may wear a sleeveless as it can emphasize your inner side and clavicle.(photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda, official website for Legal High, Instagram for Seo Eun-soo and Chae Jung-an)

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