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Lee Na-young vs Yoo In-na, who is the winner in the black mini dress styling?

(by Hwang So Hee) The fashion of stars appearing in the production announcement event gets spotlight. The celebrities who get the spotlight from the press usually show their stylish fashion by fully using their own attractiveness and they lead the fashion trend.

At the production announcement event, Lee Na-young and Yoo In-na appeared. Lee Na-young came back with tvN’s new drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” to the TV drama after 9 years hiatus while Yoo In-na came back to new drama “Touch Your Heart” costarring with Lee Dong-wook again after she appeared with him in the previous the tvN drama “Goblin”.

At the production announcement event which announces the start of a drama, each of them completed the beautiful styling with black mini dress. Though they wore the same black mini dress, each of them showed the individualistic styling. Then, let’s analyze the fashion styling of them, Lee Na-young vs Yoo In-na.

Lee Na-young’s comeback drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” is a romantic comedy drama on the people who publish the books in a world where people do not read books. This drama got a lot of attentions from people even before it starts as it is the drama played by a good combination of Lee Jong-suk who has been known to be a master of romance drama and Lee Na-young who has been known to be the goddess of romance.

In the drama, Lee Na-young is a person who graduated from a prestigious college, entered a famous advertising company and worked as a copyrighter, thus being recognized to be competent. But with the marriage and giving birth, her job career was disconnected. In 7 years after the divorce, she got a new job and started to work again. She played the role of Kang Dan-yi in the drama. As she is beautiful and has bright and kind characteristics, she got the love from both Lee Jong-suk as Cha Eun-ho and Wi Ha-joon as Ji Seo-joon.

Lee Na-young who appeared at the production announcement event of the drama “Romance is a Bonus Book” attracted the people’s attention as she appeared in the lovely black mini dress. As she wore the knee socks in addition to the black mini dress which is characterized by the see-through sleeve and skirt frill decoration, she completed more romantic look. If you think that the black may look monotonous, why don’t you add the refreshment to it with the ponytail hair style?

Both Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na are cast to the drama “Touch Your Hart”, which is the second time after their first co-starred drama “Goblin”. The drama “Touch Your Heart” is a drama depicting a romance when Oh Yoon-seo who is the representative actress in Korea (casted by Yoo In-na) and who became to work in a law firm out of blue, happens to come across Kwon Jung-rok who is a perfectionist (played by Lee Dong-wook). Lee Dong-wook and Yoo In-na are likely to passionately act in this drama when they act the drama role of Kwon Jung-rok and Oh Yoon-seo, respectively.

Yoo In-na is favored by people with her own bright and refreshing attractiveness but also with her perfect body. Her dress look also got a lot of attention when she appeared in the production announcement event.

At the production announcement event for the drama “Touch Your Heart”, Yoo In-na appeared in the black mini dress which was unique with the beautiful spangle details, thus showing off herself as a fashionist. In addition, she put on the high heel to emphasize the beautiful and slender leg. If you want to get the beautiful dress look like Yoo In-na, why don’t you try the bold drop earring to get the perfect dress up?

Before you try the dress within minimal length like Lee Na-young vs Yoo In-na, the first thing is to exercise the stretching of your leg to get the perfect leg line. Let’s exercise the stretching in order to relieve the clogged muscle in the leg and complete the strong and smooth line.

We prepare a chair stretching which even the salary man and student who usually sit for long time easily can follow. First of all, stay a step away from the chair and put one leg on the chair and then repeat to bend and extend the knee. At this time, make sure to straighten your upper body upright and make your eyes watch frontside.

Next, put your hip on the end of chair and put your both hands on both side of chair for support. Bend your knee at right angle and then put the legs upward and then spread them frontside and repeat the action in order to strengthen the muscles in both your legs and abdomen.

Though you may get the strong leg muscle with the leg stretching by uisng the chair, it would not sufficient engough for you to get the slender and beautiful leg line. If you tried the stretechings many times to get the healthy body and beautiful body line but did not get the satisfactory results, the liposuction would be an option.

Senior doctor Kwon Sun-hong (in the medicine of plastic surgery) of JK Plastic Surgery located in Gangnam, or a hub of Seoul, Korea advised, “If you made a lot of efforts to make good physical conditions for the good look with clothes such as diet or stretching but you did not get a big change, the liposuction is just a good option.”

3D outer layer liposuction performed by JK Plastic Surgery is a surgery of removing the excessively accumulated fat from the body by cutting the skin to the minimum and using the thin ultrasound bar. As you can select not only the liposuction but also the ZELTIQ which is the non-operative treatment for removing the fat layer, the various methods are available for you depending on the purpose of liposuction.

Mr. Kwon Sun-hong, a senior doctor advised, “As Korea’s plastic surgery technology gets more developed and gets recognized worldwide, more foreigners are trying to come to Korea for the plastic surgery. If you want to get the liposuction in Korea, it would be important for you to get the in-depth consultation with the professional doctors on what kind of surgery would be best for you depending on your body shape and physical ratio.”

JK Plastic Surgery has been awarded by Gangnam-gu authority with the commendation plaque for its good performance in attracting foreigner patents. It has the doctor for anesthesiology and pain medicine, CPR (emergency treatment) team, 24 hours nursing system with the pursuit for the safe plastic surgery hospital. In addition, it has the operation room which meets the requirements of US Fed (Standard 209D) for the safety and has not caused any accident for last 20 years in cooperation with the experienced professional doctors.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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