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Lovelyz’ airport fashion armed with their own items

(by Hwang Yeong-do) Girl group Lovelyz released their fifth mini album “Sanctuary” and have been busy in the performance. Newly released 5th album has various tracks which could be a good shelter for you during this cool winder, thus giving the warmth to the listeners.

Through the album activities which spanned two months, 8-member girl group has made a formula that the winter is just for the Lovelyz. A few days ago, the members departed for Osaka for promotion in Japan. With their beautiful fashion styling, they got a lot of spotlight.
They showed a lot of fashions ranging from Teddy Bear coat which is hot item nowadays to the fur jacket, long coat and long padding. If you want to complete the trendy styling in the winter time, take a look at their airport fashion which is likely to melt down the severe winter cold with their lovely attractions.

# Teddy Bear coat

Recently, at Gimpo Airport, So Jisoo and Yoo Jiae showed off the similar look in Teddy Bear coat. On that day, two members showed their cozy and lovely attractiveness in pink and beige coats.

Teddy Bear coat which has emerged as hot item this winter has got a lot of attentions as the celebrities such as Han Ye-seul, Jo Yun-hee and Son Na-eun of APink who are known as fashionists put on it. As it reminds us of the bear doll Teddy Bear, it is characterized by the sufficient and curly fur as if it is made with the wool.

If you want to get both the thermal insulation and the beauty at the same time, you have to try a Teddy Bear coat having the fluffy texture. If you are about possible fatty look with it, it would be good to put on the half long coat and try the belt on the wait line. That would make your lower limb look slimmer and longer.

# Duffle coat

On 25th, Lovelyz’ members Baby Soul and Jin showed off their couple look with duffle coats. Jin matched the black turtleneck knit with the checker patterned skirt, navy tone duffle coat and the white bag, thus completing the refined look while Baby Soul showed the vital casual look in the pink knit added with the live blue denim pants, and navy duffle coat.

All the duffle coats are not the same. If you want to complete the stylish fashion like Baby Soul and Jin of Lovelyz, you have to have the eye of selecting the high quality and well-designed coat with the proper fit and perfect sewing. The duffle coat which has the cuter turn-up sleeve and stitch details as shown in the photo has good activity and elegant silhouette. As it has the vivid waist string details which are often not found in the duffle coat, it can emphasize the elegance and high quality
# Long coat vs long padding vs fur jacket

On that day, Yein of Lovelyz shows the perfect mix match styling with the brown single long coat as well as the blue scarf, and denim pants. The brown long coat is the essential item in winter times. IT is a good outer which can easily be matched with any inner. Therefore, if you think that the coat only would may look monotonous, you can put on a scarf to give a point like the styling of Jung Yein. Just the scarf would be sufficient enough to complete the stylish fashion which would make you look naturally as if you did not take care.

Lee Mijoo selected the easy airport look unlike the fanciful light brown hair. She showed the natural styling with just the turtle neck knit, wide denim pants and simple long padding. The long padding is an item easy enough to be called “Simple is the best” or “Gimbap padding”, But if you pursue for the natural attractiveness, there is no better item than the black long padding. If you are tired of the same design, why don’t you select the wide long padding with glossy material? The unique not excessive design would add to your stylishness.

Ryu Sujeong has completed the fantastic styling with the beautiful pink fur jacket which none can easily match. With the white one-piece and the pink short fur jacket and hot pink cross bag, she lighted the airport with her lovely attraction. If you are a woman who like the unique style, why don’t you try the excessive pink fur jacket? It is the item which can complete the fashionable look if put on any inner. (photo by bnt news DB, Stylenanda)

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