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Stars who do not use SNS?

(by Woo Ji An) Like the ordinary people, the celebrities use the SNS (social network service) to communicate with their fans in many ways. As the stars share their casual daily lives with the fans, people can get their star’s sensible fashion and interest through the shared SNS. So, the star’s SNS gets more popular.

There are the stars who do not use the SNS but keep their mysterious concept and keep themselves committed to the entertainment activities though the fans ask them to do the SNS activities. So, as for the stars who do not do the SNS activities, the photo posted on their company’s official accounts and their appearance in their works and their public events are the only source of their photos. Let’s meet the stars who still don’t use SNS though their popularity showed a big increase.

>> Park Bo-young

With the same cuteness as in her debut, she has appeared in a lot of films, thus accumulating the filmographies. In the latest movie “On Your Wedding Day”, she played the role of Hwan Seung-hee, a female main character as the first love. In addition, she is due to be cast as a main female character in the tvN’s new Monday and Tuesday drama “Abyss” which is expected on air in first half of 2019. In this drama, she would play the role of Go Se-yeon who was reborn as a law firm lawyer from the ordinary prosecutor, Special Investigation Team, Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

Having the lovely look and voice, she answered to why she does not do SNS saying “I do not do SNS as I do not have the calmed-down personality. I do not trust myself and I have some of fits in my emotion so that I do not try to do SNS. However, she shows the different attraction with the casual look such as directly reading the letters to the fans through V LINE. In addition, with her own lovely attraction, she was selected as a model for Goobne Chicken for the expression of vivid taste and friendly mage.

>> Gong Yoo

With the attractive and good acting skill, he has a lot of female fans. His latest drams “Goblin” once again showed that he is just the dominant actor in Korea. He has been active both the television drams and films. He is supposed to be cast as a main character in the movie “Seo Bok” as the role of Ki-heon who is a detective in the information department and who got informed of his terminal disease. The shooting of the film is likely to start in the first half of this year.

Though there are many fans who want to know how he is doing during his hiatus, he shows his news through images or photos rather than SNS. He is reported to have said that he did not do the SNS because he thinks that SNS is toxic and that it makes him feel the sense of deprivation a lot.

>> Song Jung-gi

Co-starred in the drama “Descendants of Sun”, Song Jung-gi and Song Hye-gyo got married. Lately, Song Jung-gi is reported to trying to find a work for the comeback to the screen. Unlike his wife Song Hye-gyo, Song Jung-gi does not use the SNS. To the question why he did not use the SNS, he replied with a cute answer saying that he did not do the SNS because he is the machine illiterate.

>> P.O

Showing the attraction of huh-dang (looking perfect at first but found out to be actually sloppy) and appearing as a character in the drama “Encounter”, P.O shows us as not only a signer but also as an actor. Unlike other entertainers, he does not use the SNS. In his profile, he said “I am not good at the SNS. The PR activities are done via my company.”, showing that the communication with the fan is made through his company. (photo by bntnews DB)

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Write: 2019-02-21 14:18:47 / Update: 2019-03-28 14:06:03

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