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Kim Tae-hee, Han Chae-young and Lee Jung-hyun are the stars of 40 years old this year; How can we get the baby face like them?

(by Lee Hye jung) People who has become 40s in their age may have special emotion this year of 2019. Though everybody gets one year older than last year, people whose age’s tenth digit changes would more feel that the time flies.

There are the stars whose Korean age change from 30s to 40s. They are those who were born in 1980. As they still have baby face unlike the general people, they are the target of envy from many people. The stars whose Korean age become 40 this year include Kim Tae-hee, Han Chae-young, Lee Jung-hyun. What is the secret by which they keep their beautiful baby faces even if they become older?

To keep the baby face, it is critical to make efforts in various fields ranging from the simple correction of habits in daily life to the strict beauty management. First of all, the blocking of ultraviolet rays is essential in preventing the skin aging.

No less than 80% of the skin aging is attributable to the sun light. It means that the exposure to the ultraviolet rays is more fatal to the skin than the wrinkles caused by the aging. So, it is important to protect the skin by applying the UV blockers such as PA++ and SPF30 which block all ultraviolet rays A and B. Especially, during the time from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm when the UV rays are strong, it is better to block the UV with not only the UV blockers but also the cap or hats.

No less important than the beauty management is the correction of small habits in our daily life. As our random behavior may be an element which facilitates the aging process, we have to take more care of the strict correction as long as we want to complete the baby face.

First, the imbalanced diet may negatively affect not only the function of body organs but also facilitate the early aging of body such as vein, skin, hair, nail and muscles. The overwork and the insomnia also facilitate the aging process. They cause the malnutrition in the skin and negatively affect the metabolism, thus leading to the early aging. If you want to keep the baby face style, the sufficient sleeping time and regular lifestyle are necessary.

The beauty care and the correction of lifestyle would be a god way for the baby face. But if you want to get more anti-aging effect, the anti-aging surgery such as face lifting, forehead wrinkle surgery using the endoscope, mini elastic lifting and smile lifting are the options to consider.

Mr. Kim Sung-sik, who is a senior doctor at JK Plastic Surgery (specialty: plastic surgery) which is famous for anti-aging surgery in Korea, says “To complete the baby face style, you need to make efforts in your daily life such as exercise, improvement in diet and strict skin care. But if the aging process has progressed a lot that you have a lot of stress, the anti-aging surgery would be effective.”

The fact lifting is designed to improve the root cause of the aging and correct even the deep wrinkle while the forehead wrinkle surgery by using the endoscope is effective in improving the sagging of forehead, area between eyes, eyebrow, or eyelash all at once. The mini elastic lifting would be good for the company workers due to fast recovery time as it combines the thread lifting and the cut lifting together.

Dr. Kim Sung-sik adds, “There are a lot of foreigner patients who visit hospitals in Korea to catch up with the beauty of Korean celebrities. As the anti-aging surgery shall apply the technique which varies depending on the degree of aging for the patient’s age and the form of aging for individual, it is critical to select the right hospital and doctor.

JK Plastic Surgery is located in Apgujeong, Seoul, a hub area in Korea and is the reputed hospital having been awarded by Prime Minister as a hospital having good performance in attracting many foreigner patients in 2017 Medical Korea. As it is equipped with the advanced medical imaging equipment and the surgery equipment, it can make the accurate analysis and diagnosis with the pre-operative one-stop examination. In addition, it has a specialist in anesthesiology and pain medicine. In considering the unavoidable emergency, it has CPR (emergency response) team, emergency kit and patient-controlled pains controller, thus putting priority on the patient’s safety.  (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt news DB)

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