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Celebrities’ knowhow on the management of milky white skin

The well-tanned and healthy-looking skin would be fine. But there are a lot of people who still like the white and light skin. It may be because the white skin gets us the clean and pure image.

The skin which a lot of people want to get is just the skin called “milky white skin”. The stars who are widely loved by people have the white skin. They seem to boast of their smooth skin texture and have the seemingly natural attractiveness regardless of whether they do the makeup. Let’s find out the skin care made by the Korea’s representative stars who have the milky white skin.

Park Bo-young

Ppovely Park Bo-young is characterized by the small body and the baby face looking a lot younger than her age. She is such as lovely girl that people may like her very much. Recently, Park Bo-young was selected as a model for Goobne Chicken. She boasted of a good chemistry with Cha Eun-woo who is called “Face Genius” as she had the baby face even though she was actually older than him. Especially, the small sized face and white and elastic skin in the TV advertisement of Goobne have made Park Bo-young lovelier than ever.

She disclosed that she made it a rule to eat an apple every morning as advised by Actor Song Joong-ki, who was cast as a main character with her in the film “Werewolf Boy”. Especially, the apple juice is rich in polyphenol and ursolic acid. If the apple and its skin are fully ground into juice and is made into packs for drink, the home care of skin is possible even at home. In addition, Park Bo-young introduced her skin care to people by saying that due to the busy schedule and frequent makeups, she makes effort in getting rid of keratin from the skins.

Kang Min-kyung

Kang Min-kyung is a member of one half of the duo Davichi who is excellent in the vocal skills. She gets a lot of attention from both male and female fans due to not only her good bodyline but also the refined styling and clear and transparent skin. Recent disclosure of her daily life through the video channel got attention from fans. In that, she fully introduced her makeup methods and explained her family story to the fans. Her channel has a lot of subscribers. As she also appeared with the face having no makeup, people were curious about her skin care method.

In one program, she disclosed that for the skin management, the cleansing or washing of the face is the most critical element. She said that she fully cleanses her face to get rid of dust or waste prior to going to sleep and that based on the perfect washing, she also cleanses her face more than 5 times. She added that as the rough rubbing of the face for the clean cleansing may be negative to the skin, the cleansing shall be done in a way that it does not give the stimulus to the skin.


Now Suzy is participating in the shooting of new drama “Vagabond” as a main character. Through this new drama, she would soon come back to the fans with new look. While passing the busy days with the shooting, Suzy uploaded a photo taken in Paris recently to show her daily life. In this photo, she showed her look with hair lightly bound and the face having no makeup. People praised her beauty by saying that if even she does not do makeup, she is still beautiful.

The secret of make even the bare face without the makeup beautiful is just the cleansing. Suzy has once disclosed that she managed her skin with the cleansing method of 424, which means that she removes the waste from the face with the massage of cleansing oil for 4 minutes first and then cleans the waste from hair follicles by using the foam for 2 minutes before finally wiping out any residual oil from the face by using the lukewarm water for 4 minutes. As shown in the face cleaning by a lot of celebrities, the cleansing is one of the basics for skin care. As the body needs the rest, so it is better for you to clean the skin of any makeup and then not to make any makeup when the makeup is not required.(photo by: Goobne Chicken, Kang Min-kyung, Suzy Instagram)

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