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How can you fully enjoy the sleepless night in Hong Kong?

(by Kim Hyo jin) There are people who cannot easily get to sleep during travel. Of course, that may be caused by jet leg. But the heart fluttering may be the biggest cause. If you can take full advantage of the long sleepless night, you may make better use of the travel than you expected. Hong Kong is known for the beautiful night. The night of that city is fantastic enough to have the proverb that Hong Kong wakes up when it turns to night. High rise building illuminates beautiful lights and beams and the streets are crowded with vital people and the harbor looks fantastic. If you visit Hong Kong, you may not get to sleep all the nights. Let’s enjoy the beautiful sleepless night in Hong Kong.

Symphony of Light

Symphony of Light is the laser show which has beautifully brightened the Victoria Harbor every night for 13 years since 2004. Maybe there are many people who go out of the home to enjoy the Symphony of Light. 46 buildings located in Central, Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui emit the lights as if they dance to the interesting music to make the fantastic view. This is the world largest laser show which is even registered in the Guinness Book of Records. Though it is a laser show for only 14 minutes, a lot of people come here to watch this fantastic view and pack the beach walk located in Tsim Sha Tsui even prior to the sun set. For this event, English is used on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Mandarin is used on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday while Cantonese is used on Sunday. Though the time is just for 20:00 – 20:00, it can be adjusted by 15 minutes considering the weather or other situation.

Hong Kong Observation Wheel

Hong Kong Observation Wheel may attract your eyes in downtown Hong Kong. The grandiose and colorful lights can be observed from far away and attract the tourists. Especially, as it is a good venue for couples, it is recommended as the tourist site for the couple. As a rider can go up to 60m, the rider can enjoy almost all the views which can be enjoyed by other observatory. When the weather is good enough, the rider can watch every corner of the Tsim Sha Tsui. So, it is also good to visit there at night. If you want more thrill, the VIP cabin whose bottom is made of transparent glass is recommendable. It would be good to take picture of it from far away. But if you enjoy the ride and the beautiful night view of Hong Kong, that memory will not go away for your life.

Goobne Chicken

If you fully enjoyed the night view of Hong Kong, it is the time to fill your vacant stomach. If you are not sure what to eat, the chicken is recommendable as it is the hot item for Koreans as the night food nowadays. People around the world get more interested in Korean chicken. It is recently said that even Hollywood celebrities are addicted to the Korean chicken. Especially, the oven grilled chicken which is grilled in the oven but not fried in oil is the best menu for the beginner who has not tried the chicken.

Korea’s No. 1 oven grilled chicken brand Goobne Chicken has the shops in Central, Tseung Kwan O, and Causeway Bay. There, you can enjoy the crunchy and sweet Goobne Honey Curry Basasak Chicken, spicy Basasak Chicken, and sweet and salty Soy Garlic Chicken. In addition, there are many other menus such as egg rolls, cheese tteokbokki (stir-friend rice cake), skewered chicken, steel plate cheese, kimchi bokkeumbap (fried rice), steel plate cheese bulgogi bokkeumbap and other Korean dishes. So, it is recommended that you enjoy the night view of Hong Kong and then visit Goobne to enjoy the chicken and other Korean dishes. (photo by: Goobne Chicken, website of Hong Kong Tourism Board)

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