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Actress Golden Age ‘What are the commonality of Han Ji Min - Lim Soo Jeong-Shin Se Kyeong’s beauty that caught the TV screen?’

[by Lee Hye Jeong] It notice that there has been a forward step of actresses in recent Korea drama market. Unlike the previous time, when the male character lead the show, not only there has been stories where actress have lead the show; but also, there has been increasing number of female leading productions that almost does not have any male parts.

Among those three shows that caught the people’s attention with its colorful story that ease the summer heat are ‘Search: WWW’, MBC drama’ Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung’ and recently successfully ended MBC drama ‘One Spring Night’. The commonality of three shows is that the leading character of these shows are all women with charms.

Han Ji Min have caught the audience’s attention by showing the heartwarming chemistry with the younger guy Jeong Hae In on MBC drama ‘One Spring Night’. Han Ji Min, who has been continuing her numerous work flow starting by the movie ‘Miss Baek’, draw people’s attention by showing the different acting style that shows different side of her between two men as a main character of ‘One Spring Night’.

Lim Soo Jeong, who came back to the TV screen after long time, is stimulating eager reactions from the audience by taking the main female character role of Bae Ta Mi, a character who is not afraid to shard her opinion, on Drama ‘Search:WWW’. The word on the street said many people are into her so called ‘Girl-crush’ character.

Shin Se Kyeong, who came back to the historical drama after a long time follow by the drama ‘Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me’, show her girl-crush mode by escaping the nuptials on the first episode of ‘Rookie Historian Goo Hye Ryung’. It has drawn our expectations since she is going to show the self-leading character by taking the role of first problematic madam in Chosun.

The three actresses, who makes the TV screen excited, are beloved not only from their acting and charming character; but also with their beautiful features. Han Ji Min, Lim Soo Jeong and Shin Se Kyeong each have their unique charm as three actresses’ however, there is a commonality among them. That is because their sharp and smooth nose.

Nose is a part that located the center of the face, it is an important feature that determines people’s impression depends on its shape and height. The feature, that determines overall face’s impression based on nose, in a lot of cases, is top of nose rather than the nose line. If you have a wide and round nose tip, it could dull the overall facial impression and could prevent you from creating the desire image.

Nose, an important feature that determines individual’s overall impression while increasing popular stars charm, is difficult to adjust the natural shape. There are many people who has concern over this. Especially, nose, determine sophisticated image, is hard to change the genetically shape nose such as hooked nose, big nose or low and thick nose. Therefore, if you are stressing over nose shape on daily basis, considering surgery could be the solution.

Plastic Surgery’s director, Kim Seong Sick (Plastic Surgeon), who is known for his excellent nose surgery, said “Since the nose is in the middle of one’s face, it is an important feature that affects a lot on overall image. If you are stressing over your natural nose shape, it could be an answer for you talk to the specialist”

Nose surgery’s method and type of prosthesis could vary by each individual’s shape of nose or size. For example, in the case of hooked nose, if the tip of the nose’s skin is thick or have lots of mechanical soft tissue or if the nose tip’s bone is tick and big, we can complete a sharp looking nose tip by decreasing the tissues.

With its excellent track record in attracting foreign patients and gaining trust from them, JK Plastic Surgery Center, received award from Gangnam-gu. It has one-stop health status checkup of patients to prioritize accurate analysis and diagnosis. Also it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and holds 20 years of medical accident free record by having excellent team work between skilled specialists. Also it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and holds 20 years of medical accident free record by having excellent team work between skilled specialists. In addition, in case of inevitable emergency situation, it has Anesthesia specialist reside inside 24/7 and have CPR (emergency respond) team and emergency kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply that allows surgery during the black out, pain control, CRM, such as patient safety monitoring system to prioritize patient’s safety (Photo by JK plastic surgery Clinic, tvN Drama ‘Search: WWW’, MBC drama ‘Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung’ and ‘One Spring Night’ official web page, bnt News DB)

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