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Jeong Soojeong, firming her position as ‘Actress Jeong Soojeong’ through independent movie ‘AbeKyuHwan-Pandemonium’

[by Ent team] Jeong Soojeong is going after an independent movie

SM Entertainment have delivered the news on the 11th that “Actress Jevon’s Sojeong have confirm her role as a lead role of ‘To Ill’ on movie ‘Abe Kyu Hwan’, she is going to lead and participate the independent movie for the first time since her debut”.

‘Abe Kyu Hwan’ is a lovely story of a college student ‘To Ill’, who is pregnant from a passionate love, is visiting her biological father before the marriage. It is the 6th new product of well-respected Korean production “Ato”, who is known for their variety of movie, directed ‘The World of Us’, ‘Yongsoon’, ‘Home’, ‘Last Child’ and ‘The House Of Us’ that is planning to be release this coming August.

In this movie, ‘To Ill’, who will be play by Jeong Soojeong, has a brave personality who doesn’t get easily discourage and almost uncontrollably active that she has to do anything that she wants. Since it is a character who is growing by encountering various situations prior to the most important life events, marriage and pregnancy; It already cause many curiosities surrounding how the character will be portrayed after meeting up with Jeong
Soojeong’s charm.

Jeong Soojeong debut as a member of girl group f(X); she has been building her reputation as an actress by showing her unique acting in different genres of drama starting from sitcom ‘More Charming by the Day’, ‘High Kick: Revenge of Short Legged’, drama ‘The Heir’, ‘The Bribe of Habaek’, ‘Prison Playbook’ and ‘Player’.

Especially, in the ‘Prison Playbook’, not only she earned great reviews by showing an impressive acting; but also, she challenged the action genre in the recent production ‘Player’; she showed us the prefect girl-crush charm. We are excited to see what different side of her she will show us through this movie.

On the other hand, Movie ‘Abe Kyu Hwan’ is a long film debut work by energetic new director Choi Hana from Korea National University of Arts. It is planning to be crank in some time in August (photo by SM Entertainment)

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Write: 2019-07-25 08:43:20 / Update: 2019-07-31 09:07:09

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