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Are you dreaming of changing your image over the summer vacation What’s the important when choosing a hospital?

[by Lee Hye Jeong] Hot summer. As the summer arise to its peak, there are increasing number of people who goes on ‘vacation’ to avoid the heat. Early August is when there are increasing number of people going on vacation since the summer hits its peak.

Time like this, when you get a long term break, there are many people who are dreaming of changing their image to refresh themselves while avoiding the heat. Because surgery or procedure that could dramatically change image is only possible when you have long term vacation.

Korea, with its high quality medical technology, beauty industry and other cultural contents, is an attractive destination to consider it as a medical destination who are dreaming of changing their image. Korea is known for its high medical quality level.

Especially, in the world of plastic surgery, Korean hospitals and medical staffs’ work is outstanding. It has drawn not only domestic patients, but also foreign patients heart as it boasts its high medical technology and safe results. The number of foreign patients who are visiting Korea for the purpose of plastic surgery is continuously increasing in order to experience Korea’s world-renowned plastic surgery technology.

But when you are trying out for a destination treatment or surgery, you have to pick a hospital putting safety and thorough prior verification at its first priority. Also you have to check if the hospital has system for foreign patients with language barrier and cultural difference.

For those who are considering surgery to transform their image while traveling Seoul, the capital of Korea, choosing plastic surgery center certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare will lower the risks and anxieties that may arise among many hospitals.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, located in Apgujeong, Gangnam, Seoul, is the only plastic surgery center in Korea designated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as ‘medical institution for foreign patients’. It is the only plastic surgery clinic that passed over 120 strict standards including patient’s safety, operation management and other criteria.

JK Plastic Surgery will arrange a dedicated interpreter to satisfy the rapidly increasing number of foreign patients to ensure continuous management and care, as well as provide a recovery management system and additional care program. It is trying to provide a service without any inconvenience throughout the whole process from prior surgery stage to after surgery.  

In addition to providing high-quality services for foreign patients, the history 20-years of safety pursued by JK Plastic Surgery have become one of the reasons why foreign patients believe in hospital. JK Plastic Surgery, which has maintained a record of 0% of medical accidents for more than 20 years since its opening, undergoes scientific analysis, diagnosis, and accurate and delicate surgery through advanced medical imaging equipment and medical systems. It has built a sterile operating room that applied US FED and Standard 209D standards. Also it has anesthesia specialist reside to execute safe anesthesia procedure. Also it has created system where OPR Team, team designated to emergency situation only, in order to quickly react on emergency situations that could happen during surgery. 

The safety system recognized by the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, the record of 0 medical accidents for 20 years since its opening in 1988, the thorough maintenance environment before and during surgery, patient management, and the provision of systematic and differentiated medical services are often overlooked when choosing a hospital. But those who are considering surgery in other countries should consider these criteria as their priority when making decision.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, not only it is the first hospital to receive certification from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare but also it received awards from Gangnam-gu multiples times under excellent medical institution in inviting foreign patients. JK Plastic Surgery Center also received Prime Minister Award in 2013 as an excellent Institution for foreign patients. (Photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic)

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