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What if the puppies don't have energy?

[by Jung Hye Jin] Dogs always stay next to us to protect us like family and friends. They are our life partners, we should be thankful for, who comfort our tired mind with their loveliness.  But sometimes dogs, who can't speak, become lethargic. When we see these weak, drooping dogs, we don't know what to do. In that case, it is also a good idea to make healthy nutritious food for pets without energy. They can regain their energy with a nutritious meal.

When you look for special meals for puppies to regain their energy, you'll find it confusing to choose a variety of different types and prices than you'd expect. In addition, the most important ingredients must be checked, making it even more difficult to choose a snack for these so-called "decision-impaired" dog owners. For those, we would like to introduce editor’s choice of puppy-reinforced nutrition. Please note that we have selected a snack recipe that not only takes care of our puppy's health with good ingredients, but also improves the appetite of puppies with its palatable taste and aroma.

Chewy taste is the trend!

Puppies' favorite nutritious snack is a chewy snack. It is one of the most popular kinds of snacks even though it is hard and tough because dogs can chew well and it is dogs favorite texture. Also, it can be used to remove plaque while chewing, it is one of the favorite snacks for the owners.

When you are searching for snacks with the plaque removal function, we tend to look for nutritionally excellent products rather than simply choosing snacks for functional reasons. If the dog spends longer hours indoor, you particularly concerned about the ingredients. If the dog eats a high calorie snack when the dog has low activity, it can become an obese dog, so you need to choose based on the amount of activity and symbolism of your dog's.

I recommend making a snack with dried pollack and dried sweet potatoes. The dried pollack is rich in protein and calcium, which is good for bones and joints, and sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber. They also have good preference by dogs because they are both puppies' favorite ingredients. Let's boil the sweet potatoes, tear the dried pollack into small pieces then feed them. It is good for your dog's favorite nutritious food.

Nutritional Snack Preventing Knee Cap Displacement

Joint problems often seen in puppies. Among them, the most concerned is the kneecap dislocation. The dislocation of the leg bone can be caused by external shocks that can strain the joints or cause congenital abnormalities in formation. It is one of the dog diseases that should be taken extra care of, as there are some cases where people run around in slippery rooms.

If the dog experience symptoms such as walking with a limp or running around, but can't try, you should suspect a dislocation of the leg bone. But what's most important is to prevent the symptoms before they appear. Let's try to boost our puppy's stamina with nutritious snacks that prevent dislocation of the knee cap and make strong bones.

Let's make Korean Cow red bean jelly with Korean beef, beef leg bones, lamb chops, and use agar powder to make red bean jelly exclusively for dogs. It is also good for old dogs because its soft texture does not strain their teeth. Also, Korean cow contains a lot of bone-healthy ingredients, so if you're worried about dislocation of leg bone, you should try this recipe.

a healthy, homemade meal
Even we are concerned about food for dogs who have no energy, but it is hard to make food separately. We understand that we want to please out dog with the best diet, but taste is just as important as nutrition. If you want to achieve two things: taste and nutrition, it's also helpful to choose the half-cooked product on the market. If you choose the right product for both nutrition and preference, it will be a healthy meal for both our dogs and me. Then what healthy nutritional products are there for lovely pets?

Dhuman 'Daily Nutrient Set'

Our pet dog enjoys taste and smell like humans. I will introduce "Daily Nutrition Set", which is based on Korean raw chicken breasts launched from Goobne Mall: Dhuman, a newly launched pet food shopping mall, which specializes in chicken breast. It consists of a total of 24 packs, including "Original" made of chicken breast & vegetables, "Shining Pimos" made of chicken breast & salmon, strong joints made of chicken breast & green mouth mussels, and strong stamina made of chicken breast & tomato. The Daily Nutrition Set, which is enjoyed by dogs in various flavors, is available at the Dhuman's official mall and is available at 25 percent off the price. (Photo Credit: Dhuman's official website)

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