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What should I eat in Hong Kong?

[by park lee seul] The weather in Hong Kong during March is warm. Although the average high temperature here is around 21℃, it may be cold in the morning or afternoon. Therefore, it is necessary to take out the light sweater or cardigan. On top of that, as Hong Kong is a country of shopping and tourism, it is always crowded with tourists.

However, what should not be missed here is the food. Usually calling Hong Kong travel as the food travel, some people usually go on a tour to Hong Kong for the purpose of vising the good restaurant only. Then, what kind of good restaurant is there in Hong Kong? If you are interested in good food in Hong Kong, why don’t you take a look at this article closely?


One of the main dishes which shall not be missed in Hong Kong is dimsum. This term means ‘a touch of heart. It means to put a little food into the stomach temporarily rather than fully filling the stomach with the food. It looks like the Korean mandu in the shape. As it is an oily food, it is good to take it along with tea.

On top of that, its term varies depending on the cooling method and shape. The dimsum which has the hole on its top showing the materials is called ‘mai’, while the dimsum whose skin is thin showing the materials inside it is called ‘gau’. In addition, if the dimsum skin is made with the rice powder and then the materials are put into it before being rolled, it is called ‘pan’.


The second example is the tea. In Hong, the tea culture has been well developed and the most widely used tea is ‘Tieguanyin’, which term means that the tea is heavy like iron and tea leaves look like ‘Guanyin (’Buddhist bodhisattva associated with compassion’). Tieguanyin is one of the oolong tea and among them, the tea harvested in spring or ‘spring tea’ is considered to be the best.

In addition, the milk tea is also one of the representative teas. This is the beverage made by putting milk into black tea. It is characterized by the flavor which you can enjoy when it is put in your mouth. As it is nutritious with milk and is easy to make, it is widely enjoyed by people.


If you want to have the food which is enjoyed by many people and with which people do not get fed up at all, it is just the chicken. Then, I recommend you the Goobne Chicken which has the refreshing taste. Goobne Chicken is the oven roasted Korean chicken brand and its store is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, which is the hub city of trend.

Especially, the customer can even enjoy the beautiful night view of Tsim Sha Tsui here so that the store is even called one of the best restaurants having great night view. As it has the mood of high class restaurant, it is good for date for young people. If you want to enjoy the delicious chicken and beautiful night view, why don’t you visit Tsim Sha Tsui Store in Hong Kong? (Source of photo: Hong Kong Tourism Board, Goobne)

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