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What are some famous places in the world you want to visit at least once?

[by Lim Jaeho]  No matter where you go in the world, it has its own attraction. The attraction has already appeared in famous movies in the past and boasts beautiful scenery, so people are constantly visiting. Even on a trip, many people are waiting to take pictures at the landmarks.

I think the first place that comes to mind when I travel is a famous place in the region. Today, I will introduce some of the must-visit attractions around the world and introduce why they became famous.

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Paris reminds me of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is a 320-meter-high steel tower built in 1889 during the Paris International Exposition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower is nice to see during the day, and on a nice day, you can enjoy the Eiffel Tower while enjoying a picnic on the grass nearby. But at night, the Eiffel Tower becomes cooler. At night, the Eiffel Tower lights up, so you can enjoy a more beautiful Eiffel Tower. Why don't you enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy the Eiffel Tower at night where you can see it? You can compare the Eiffel Tower during the day and the Eiffel Tower at night, or feel a bigger romance.

Vietnamese Mui Ne

Mui Ne, a quiet Vietnamese vacation spot for urban people. It takes about four hours by car from Ho Chi Minh. It is convenient because there are a series of resorts and restaurants along the long beach that is about 10 kilometers long kilometers long. It's also a really good resort to look at the sea at the resort and heal. The waves are also very high, so it's good to enjoy surfing. Wouldn't it be the best place to travel for those who want to look at the sea and relax without thinking? I recommend Muine in Vietnam for those who need rest.

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Tsim Sha Tsui, one of Hong Kong's biggest busy streets. Along the Victoria Bay at the southern tip of Kowloon. There are luxurious hotels as well as shopping centers where you can enjoy shopping, and there are also flashy neon signs. The streets are crowded with citizens and tourists, and it is a Hong Kong attraction where you can feel Hong Kong's charm to the fullest. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere in Hong Kong, I recommend Tsim Sha Tsui.

If you are hungry while traveling in such bright and colorful Hong Kong, what should you eat? Tsim Sha Tsui also has a store in Tsim Sha Tsui, so it is recommended to visit the Hong Kong Chim Sha Tsui branch of Goobne Chicken, which has good accessibility.

Spicy pepper crisp has a delicious taste. It is spicy but not too spicy, so it can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages, and when you bite it, you can get plenty of juices. Because it is baked chicken, it is not light and greasy, so it is good to eat because it does not bite easily. If you want to eat chicken in Hong Kong or if you are worried about food to eat while watching the night view of Hong Kong, I recommend the Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui branch of Goobne Chicken. (Photo source: French Tourism Authority, Vietnamese Tourism Authority, Hong Kong Tourism Authority's official website, Goobne Chicken)

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