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When you miss your country's food abroad

[by Lim Jaeho] There are people who have come to live in a foreign country, not in Korea, by several reasons such as immigrating to foreign countries, or studying abroad for study. If you live in a foreign country, there are many things that are different from my country including language and lifestyle. Among them, it might be the food that you miss the most is food. The nostalgia for Korean food would be deeper because what you eat is changed immediately. What kind of Korean food that make you think of in foreign countries?


Isn't kimchi, the food that reminds you immediately when you think of Korea? Kimchi is delicious even with rice and to cook stew. Also, it can cook jeon or fry with rice to make kimchi fried rice. Kimchi that cannot be separated from Koreans is very useful and delicious. Especially, as the spicy taste can only be found in kimchi, you may really miss the taste of kimchi made by your mother in foreign life.


There is another food that reminds you when you think of Korea. It's bulgogi. As the well-seasoned bulgogi is delicious and tasty, it is very good as a side dish for rice, and it is also very delicious to eat with other side dishes. It is also very delicious with the meat of soft quality. It is a traditional Korean food that our ancestors have enjoyed for thousands of years. Not only meat but also bulgogi soup with rice is very delicious.


Bibimbap which is to eat mixed with various vegetables, red pepper paste, and sesame oil. Wouldn't Korean spicy taste remind you the most while living abroad? The spicy taste of bibimbap continues to give you more appetite. It is also good for your health as mixing vegetables and mushrooms together. Even if you eat when you don't have an appetite, it's good to stimulate your appetite.


Chicken, called the representative late-night snack of Koreans. If you miss Korean chicken, which foreigners are surprised by its delicious taste, visit the Goobne chicken store in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. As it's good to eat chicken enjoying the night view, it's good for a date course. If you think the taste of chicken that you used to eat in Korea, please visit. As Goobne chicken is not fried and plain, although if you eat a lot, you won't get sick of it, and "Red Pepper Basasak" that feels the spicy taste will remind you of the taste of Korea. (Photo Source: Korea Tourism Organization, Goobne Chicken Official Website)

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