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What kinds of food good to enjoy while watching Netflix?

[by Lim Jaeho] Netflix, which can be said as the hottest platform these days, makes people's spare time happy with many dramas and movies. And Netflix, being loved with various content, can enjoy the movies and dramas that people usually wanted to watch. It's very good point that it is possible enjoy at home and on smartphone even when you go out.

What are some works of Netflix which is good to enjoy these days when we have to restrain ourselves going out? Continuously pouring new works out, let me introduce Netflix works that are good to enjoy at home and delicious foods that are good to eat with them.

The School Nurse Files

It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the hottest Netflix dramas these days. 'The School Nurse Files', adapted from the original novel of the same title, starred Jeong You Mi, and Nam Joo Hyeok, drawn much attention even before its release. Ahn Eun Young (Jeong You Mi), the main character who sees 'Jelly' that others cannot see. It is a story that she struggles to protect students and people from jelly. It is said that It's so fun that you have to  watch until the end once you view it due to fresh material and actors' passionate acting. I recommend 'The School Nurse Files', which is such sensational popular.

Popcorn, a good snack to enjoy with Netflix

Somehow, the most eating food is a popcorn when watching a movie at a movie theater. Many kinds of snack have been poured out, but the popcorn is gaining popularity continuously. Such popcorn is easy to buy if you just visit the convenience stores these days. When you don't want to eat heavy stuffs, but you have the munchies, let's stop by a nearby convenience store and enjoy Netflix with popcorn.


It is impossible to leave out a pizza, a food that can enjoy simply yet delicious. The best advantage of pizza is that it is possible to choose various toppings according to one's taste. In addition, as it is neat and can eat simply, it catches the taste of many people. And for dough, you can also choose thin and thick one as well, as it is possible to choose a dough with various mousse, such as cheese crust and sweet potato, it is a food loved by many people. Adding this, beer and soda go well together here. If you're worried about food to eat with Netflix, what about pizza?

Goobne Chicken

Of course, chicken cannot be left out. If you are with chicken, Netflix can be twice as fun. Chicken, a menu loved by everyone of all ages, will be delicious anytime, anywhere. Especially, Goobne Chicken, which is delicious as  grilled not frying, has the menus that are specially loved as original and Red Pepper Basasak. The original menu is characterized by a plain taste and rich juices, which can be enjoyed without great likes or dislikes. If you enjoy the spicy taste, why don't you choose the Red Pepper Basasak. It is  possible to eat without getting sick of because the hot smell of red pepper catches oily taste and it's  spicy. If you want to enjoy a such Goobne Chicken, let's visit the Tsim Sha Tsui branch, Hong Kong. A delicious Goobne Chicken is waiting for you. It is good to eat at the store or to go, too. Why don't you enjoy Netflix at Home with delicious Goobne Chicken?  (Photo Credit: Netflix, CU, Youngman Pizza, Goobne Chicken Official Web Site)

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