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‘The Day I Died’, which actor, Hyun Woo Seok appears, confirmed to be released on the 12th

[by Ent Team] The release date of‘The Day I Died’, which Hyun Woo Seok of Esteem Entertainment appears, has been confirmed.

The Day I Died is an unusual film drawing the stories; a girl who disappeared from the edge of a remote island's cliff overnight, a detective who chased her track record, a silent witness who reached out to them, those who came across in the same space and at different times.
Kim Hye Soo, a representative actress recognized for her acting and box-office power, played a role as the detective, ‘Hyunsoo’, who chased the missing girl's trace, and Lee Jeong Eun, a trusted character actress, played a role as the village resident ‘Suncheon Aunt’ who has informed ‘Hyunsoo’ about the trace of the girl who she saw last. In the film, Hyun Woo Seok played a role as ‘Kim Min Woo’, appearing as a classmate of ‘Sejin’ (Roh Jeong Ui).
Recently, Hyun Woo Seok has built up his acting performance as the attractive characters through various works including the Netflix original series, ‘Love Alarm’, the web drama, ‘Nineteen Vlog’ and ‘The School Nurse Files’ which was popular recently, and he also appears on JTBC’s ‘Live On’ scheduled to be the first on-air on the 17th and has a plane to continue his activities between the television and the screen.
Meanwhile, the film, ‘The Day I Died’ will be available in theaters nationwide this November. (Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Korea)

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Write: 2020-11-10 14:20:27 / Update: 2020-11-10 14:48:47

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