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Berry Good’s Cho Hyun-Jungwha-Stella’s Im So Young, Previse energetic performance in ‘Dragon Inn Part 1: The City of Sadness’

[by Ent Team] Cho Hyun, Jungwha and Im So Young will heat up the TV in ‘Dragon Inn Part 1: The City of Sadness’.

The film, ‘Dragon Inn Part 1: The City of Sadness’, which will be released on 26th (Thursday), is a hot and intensive action noir of the members of ‘Dragon Inn’, a mysterious organization that judges cruel crimes beyond the boundaries of the law. Jungwha, who debuted as a girl group, ‘EXID’, in 2012 and became the grade of the top domestic girl group by successful reverse climbing of the music charts through ‘Up & Down’, debuts as an actress in the film, ‘Dragon Inn Part 1: The City of Sadness’. Jungwha who plays a role of ‘jihye’, who doubles the vitality of the play with her own unique bright and frank charm, has made the character as more three-dimensional, digesting perfectly the intellectual and tough side of tracing mysterious events as a strategist at Dragon Inn.

The role of ‘Yejoo’, a girl who always keeps smiling even in difficult situations and takes steps toward her dream, is played by Berry Good's Cho Hyun and the role of ‘Eungi’, 'Yejoo's friend and idol trainee who is about to make his debut, is played by Berry Good’s Cho Hyun, and the attention is focusing on the new moves of idol-originated-actresses.

While versatile idol-originated-actresses in the screen and the TV screen are showing outstanding performances, the film, ‘Dragon Inn Part 1: The City of Sadness’, which can check the true face as actresses of EXID Jungwha, Berry Good’s Cho Hyun, and Stella’s Im So Young, will be released on the 26th to meet the audience. (Photo Credit: Film Still-Cut)

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[bnt Photo] Lee You Bee, ‘Deer Eyes’ 20201111

Write: 2020-11-16 16:25:18 / Update: 2020-11-16 16:50:08

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