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‘LIFE LIKE A CINEMA’, The first art movie theater of Yeonhui-dong, Grand Open, January 13th, next year

[by Ent Team]  The first art movie theater of Yeonhui-dong will be opened.
‘LIFE LIKE A CINEMA-LAIKA CINEMA’, grand opening on January 13, 2021, is the first art theater of Yeonhui-dong, dedicated to LAIKA, the first SPACEDOG.

‘SPACEDOG’ consisting of ‘Cafe SPACEDOG’and ‘SPACEDOG Studio’, including  complex cultural space ‘SPACEDOG’ and the theater ‘LAIKA CINEMA’, which was created by young creators from various fields in line with the founder’s intention to establish a symbolic space for the town and youth, is scheduled to present a new model of complex cultural space where creation flows through organic connections of each space, and the ‘LAIKA CINEMA’ will provide a wider experience in the theater by combining with space and contents within ‘SPACEDOG’.

Lee Han Jae, the representative of ‘LAIKA CINEMA’, who leads the young creative group, ‘SPDG’, planned and designed ‘LAIKA CINEMA’ in the belief that There is no art in which many unspecified people experience the same space and time as movies, the fun of watching movies comes from theaters. In spite of the dramatic growth of the OTT market following the Covid-19 Pandemics and the theater crisis, ‘LAIKA CINEMA’, which is run by a group of people who are also movie-loving audiences, will allow you to find, meet and share lost daily lives and forgotten Cinema through unique programming. As its first program, a very special opening exhibition is preparing for docking with the audience on January 13.

Meanwhile, ‘LAIKA CINEMA’ provides the most pleasant and comfortable environment to watch a movie. Christie Pure’s RGB laser projector will offer for audiences an experience of the work’ s original image, and 7.1CH Dolby Atmos Sound will provide a more cinematic time. The premium seats with a total of 38 seats also boast the best system compared to the single theater. In addition, as it has a PA system and event furniture for performing of various programs, it will be easy to hold various events such as GV, lectures and performances. (Photo Credit: SPDG)

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Write: 2021-01-04 11:35:20 / Update: 2021-01-04 12:57:45

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