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Start filming today, Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Jun & Park Bo Young released script reading site

[by Ent Team] 'Concrete Utopia', starring Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Jun and Park Bo Young, begins filming today (16th).

'Concrete Utopia' is a disaster thriller drawing the story of survivors gathering in to the only remaining 'Hwang Gung APT' in Seoul, which has been devastated by the massive earthquake. It is a work, newly adapted based on 'Delightful Neighbor', a 2nd part of the popular Webtoon, 'Delightful Outcast' by Kim Sung Nyung, who has been well-received since its serialization in 2014.

Lee Byung Hun, who has repeated remarkable changes in every work, including 'Inside Men', 'Baekdusan Mountain', 'The Man Standing Next' and 'Mr. Sunshine', took a role of 'Youngtak', a temporary resident representative who leads 'Hwang Gung APT' with firm determination and action power in crisis. Lee Byung Hun, who played as 'Youngtak', a leader who does not mind any risks to protect the apartment from outsiders, will show a stronger character with his solid acting ability and his own charisma.

Park Seo Jun, who has led the box office across screens and TVs including 'Midnight Runners', 'The Divine Fury' and 'Itaewon Class', played role as 'Minsung', who became a strong helper after being selected by 'Youngtak'. Park Seo Jun, played as 'Minsung' who was a sincere husband and civil servant but has changing magnanimously encountering a crisis, will portray stereoscopic characters traveling between extremes in a realistic way.

Park Bo Young, who awaken the national first love craze with 'On Your Wedding Day', following by 'Oh My Ghost' and 'Strong Girl Bongsoon', make a screen comeback as 'Myunghwa' in 'Concrete Utopia'. She plays role of 'Myunghwa', the wife of 'Minsung' and a former nurse who takes care of injured people calmly in extreme situations, and Park Bo Young previses a new transformation into a character who has warm humanity and strength.

The film, 'Concrete Utopia', begins its first shooting on the 16th after gathering of actors and production teams together for the first time to have a script reading. Lee Byung Hun said, "I'm pound and excited to be working with director, Uhm Tae Hwa, and other actors including Park Seo Jun and Park Bo Young for the first time." Park Seo Jun said, "I'm excited to challenge a new genre. Minsung's changing emotions in the space called the Hang Gung APT, the people living in and the events in it, came up as the attractive. I will do my best to show a good work." Park Bo Young said, "I'm happy to be with 'Concrete Utopia' and I'll work hard on future filming. It was such a lively site as each character I read in the scenario from the script reading was lively felt. I am looking forward to the upcoming filming and excited to be with good actors. I think it will be a place where can learn a lot, and I resolved that I will work harder to draw the movie well."

'Concrete Utopia', a film drawing the struggle of survivors inside and outside apartments against the backdrop of a devastated city where a huge earthquake swept away all the concrete. Starting with the film, 'Concrete Utopia', Lotte Entertainment and Climax Studio will plan and develop the story of the survivors in various contents, including films and dramas. These have plans to meet audiences and viewers as different stories, genres and various platforms that match the colors of each work. (Photo Credit: Lotte Entertainment)

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Write: 2021-04-21 11:17:45 / Update: 2021-04-21 11:34:47

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