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'Now it's Worldwide', Yoon Song Ah, Submitting to 'The 12th New York City Independence Film Festival'

[by Ent Team] A short film, 'Orderly Couple', starring Yoon Song Ah, will be submitted in the non-competitive section of the '12th New York City Independence International Film Festival' (NYCIFF).

'Orderly Couple' calmly writes the story on an ordinary couple but never ordinary in surrounding point of view. The 'Ordinary Couple' talks about the 'sight' with the idea that sympathetic views on people living with disabilities may be one of them.

Cheolsu (Kim Beom Jin), who has a disability, overcame the 'sight' of the world due to his beloved Yeon Song Ah. He is living happily with new challenges every day due to Yeongwon who looks at him without prejudice no matter what others stare at him with any 'sight'. Ironically, however, it was Yeongwon who could not overcome the 'sight'. It is unfolded as a beautiful image about a calm love story that Jeongwon, who can't stand those who look at Cheolsu and his disability with a sympathetic 'sight', overcomes their 'sight' and achieves their own beautiful love through Cheolsu again.

Yoon Song Ah has been active in various performances across dramas and movies such as 'Stand By Me', 'No Mercy', 'Voice 3', 'Secret of Women', and 'Miss Ma', building a solid filmography as an actress ahead of 'Diamond Hotel'.

Director, Won Yu Jin, who directed the 'Original Couple', once again made a meaningful relationship with the 'Original Couple' in 4 years after first connected to 'NYCIFF' with the film, 'Doll' in 2017.

'NYCIFF', marking its 12th anniversary this year, is a festival that shows high-quality films
from around the world, which is a meaningful New York film festival where you can feel various kinds of emotions, regardless of feature and short story. The short film, 'Orderly Couple' will be screened at 'The Producers Club', located 358 West 44th Street, New York, NY10026, from June 7 to 13. (Photo Credit: A.Film)

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Write: 2021-06-08 14:10:17 / Update: 2021-06-08 14:22:36

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