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Everything about 'Billie Holiday', the eternal portrait of jazz. The film, 'Billie Holiday', confirming to be released in November.

[by Ent Team] 'Billie Holiday' suddenly released a launching poster along with the confirmation of its release in November, Korea.

'Billie Holiday' is a film drawn a record on 'The Song', which 'Billie Holiday' who is a jazz portrait that changed the art of pop vocals eternally wanted to protect in the violence of her dark life and times, and a record on her own only love.

'Billie Holiday', which is starring by world-loved musician Andre Day who has numerous hit songs such as 'City Burns' and 'Rise Up', drawn attention from around the world by winning the 78th Golden Glove Best Actress Award and by nominating the 93rd Academy Actress simultaneously as her screen debut. Overseas media and critics pour out explosive praise for her performance, including 'You can't forget her voice, nor take your eyes off' (ABC NEWS), 'Andra Day's Glaring Presence' (GUARDIAN), 'The main energy source of the movie is Andra Day as Holiday' (TIME), 'Perfect yet Elegant Acting! You can't never forget' (OBSERVER), raising curiosity about the movie.

In addition, there were favorable reviews that Andra Day who is currently evaluated as the best soul diva with her unique voice perfectly reproduces the visuals of the legendary jazz diva 'Billie Holiday' as well as the voice and singing style resonating the soul, raising the expectations of prospective audiences.

Especially, it contains the repertoire of Billie Holiday's masterpieces such as 'Strange Fruit', 'All of Me', and 'Solitude', heralding a jazz concert that will completely fill everyone's emotions this fall. In addition, 'Strange Fruit', chosen by Time Magazine as the best song of the 20th century, is her representative song that 'Billie Holiday' wanted to protect to the end under the violence of the times, stimulating curiosity toward the movie that contains just as its intense story. In addition, Hollywood's best production team, including the Academy Award-winning 'Green Book' music team and 'Sex and the City' costume team, will join, expecting to capture the eyes and ears of the audience simultaneously by reproducing perfectly the vintage mood of the 1940s and 1950s.

The three kinds of launched posters released this time is drawing attention, consisting of 3 keywords representing 'LIFE', 'LOVE', 'SONG', and 'Billie Holiday'.

First of all, the 'LIFE' poster captures the back of 'Billie Holiday' who is receiving enthusiastic acclamation from the crowd, peeping glamorous aspect of everyone's star, 'Lady Day'. Second, the 'LOVE' poster presents a romantic mood with her ardent appearance with her first and last lover 'Jimmy' who taught her true love. The love story of 'Billie Holiday', which has been known only for music, raises expectations for what sensibility will shake the hearts of the audience.

Finally, the 'SONG' poster contains singing scene of 'Billie Holiday' with her whole body wearing white gardenia flowers behind her ear, known as her trademark. In addition, the poster adds a copy of 'what she wanted to protect', giving her a glimpse of her dramatic life, where she was a star who received more attention than anyone else on stage, but had to fight to protect what she loved from the violence of the times, raising curiosity further.
'Billie Holiday', released an overwhelming mood of launching poster along with the news of the release confirmation, will visit domestic theaters in November. (Photo Credit: FirstRun)

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Write: 2021-10-15 07:46:53 / Update: 2021-10-15 07:49:39

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