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Skin dryness alert during in-between seasons, what does skin need right now?

[by Song Eun ji / translated by Cho Suyoun] As fall is almost here, the difference of temperature during days and night is getting bigger.

When the temperature range is big, the moisture-oil balance gets destroyed very easily and cause dryness on skin. As a result, it is very difficult to apply different skincare on days and nights.

The core of skincare in change of seasons is soothing irritated skin. If you want your skin to be soft as usual, follow the steps below and you will see the difference instantly!

Makeup during change of seasons >> Start with moisturized skin condition

When skin lacks moisture, it creates sebum to protect itself. Moderate amount of sebum is okay but overflowing amount makes skin look oily. Thus, applying enough moisturizing cream before putting makeup on is essential.

Before starting makeup, clear the skin surface with toner and apply oil-free moisturizing cream on skin. At this point, using gel-type moisturizing cream is recommended because it is absorbed quicker than cream type.

After the moisturizing cream is absorbed, start the makeup as is one’s usual practice. Applying moisturizing cream before the makeup will easily avoid dryness in change of seasons. 

Skincare for high temperature during days >> UV protection is as important as moisture

When the time reaches noon, temperature still reaches up to 30 degrees of Celsius like in the middle of summer. Even if one applied moisturizing cream in the morning, skin gets dried due to use of air conditioner or fan.

When this happens, mist can be used very usefully. Mist is easy to bring around and provide moisture by spraying on face. 

In addition, UV rays exist during entire year so sunblock is a must-have item especially during days. UV rays accelerate skin aging and break moisture balance, which all lead to wrinkles on skin. Therefore, applying sunblock is a must thing to do to have porcelain-like skin. If you prefer sunblock that is not sticky, try moose type protector. Apply it 30 minutes before leaving the house and apply again every 2~3 hours.

Skincare for change of seasons >> 3 steps care with snail mucous

The first thing one must do after arriving home is cleansing. Skin might be dried due to cold air so soft, deep cleansing is very important. Rather than using scrub type, use foam cleanser that contains lots of moist and cleanse off with warm water.

When the temperature difference is big, skin is very sensitive so minimize the use of skincare products. First, use toner to clean skin texture and then apply serum to soothe the skin. Next, apply moisturizing cream to create a light shield on face. This 3 step is good enough to keep skin from change of seasons.

When choosing cream, it is important to read ingredients that are contained in the cream. If you feel that skin seems to be irritated due to weather, snail mucous is the best source to soothe the skin. It also keeps the tightness of skin so using a cream that contains mucous is highly recommended.

Editor’s Pick! Useful items during in-between seasons
Tube Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream
It contains coral water, Alaska glacial milk and sap of birch trees. It is absorbed very quickly so using before makeup is recommended.

Correct Combo Radiance CC Cream
This original CC Cream does many functions such as correcting wrinkles, blocking UV rays and whitening.

Water Maxiful Aqua Mist
This full-of-moisture mist provides instant care on skin.

UV Bounce Cushion Cream
This muse type UV protector controls sebum and provides pore care.

All-in-one Snail Repair Cream
It contains 92% of snail mucous substances. It is suitable for night skincare. (photo by bntnews DB, Mizon)

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