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Exercise tips to make hot body figure like Clara

[by Choi Mi sun / translated by Cho Suyoun] There is no doubt that Clara is the leading trendsetter today. She shows off her perfect body line at various celebrity events and causes hot issue wherever she goes.

Not only the male fans love her figure but the women fan also admire of her hot body line. People can easily find her charms just by looking at some of her photos. To have a body like that, one must know that Clara also got her figure after continuous care.

The three parts that make her look glamorous are hip, legs and S line. What type of health care exists to have such body?

Below will describe various exercises and items that bring double effects. Let us begin the work!

Cruvy S Line

Clara captures eyes of many people with her big S line that begins from her waist to pelvis. Her tall height and glamorous body line make her look curvier like a model.

To have S line like Clara, correcting the sitting position is very important. People normally sit with curved back and shoulder so to avoid such things one must consciously correct the sitting position and strengthen muscles in abdominal region.

How to make curvy S line

STEP 1 Stand up and make a position like you are seating down on a chair. Knees must be in 90 degrees angle and both arms must be raised stretched out in the opposite direction to the left and right.

STEP 2 Breathe out and lean your body toward left side for three seconds. Then return to step 1 and lean on the other side. Arms must not be touching the floor.

Get your hip lifted

The reason Clara is considered the wannabe star for many women is that she has muscular body line and lifted hip line.

Lifted hip is a symbol that can tell whether one is working out or not. When spine is straightened out, healthy back line can be created.

Effective exercise for lifting hips

STEP 1 Stretch your legs to the maximum and let the elbows touch the floor. Then bend your upper body very slowly and breathe out. 

STEP 2 Breathe in and raise your arms to the maximum for three seconds. Repeat the two steps for three times as a set and try three sets in a row.

Straight leg lines

Active blood circulation around pelvis and avoiding edema of legs are important in having pretty leg lines. Losing unnecessary fat around hip and legs will lead to have tighter leg lines.

Using leg care products is also an idea in caring leg lines. ‘Suaviss R-Cream’ relaxes muscles around hips and legs so it is very useful in making straight leg lines.

4 BEST ITEMS that help to make perfect figure like Clara

Reduce muscles in calves by spending just 5 minutes
The cream contains ginger and cinnamon oil and those help soothing edema and hard muscles. 

Customized sneakers for running & jogging
Nike Women’s Revolution
This item is favored by many women for simple and basic design. There are various colors in this item.

30 minutes of exercise 
Adidas Speed jump rope
The length of rope can be designed according to a person’s height so anyone in a family may use easily. 

Professional massage technology
Hurell Magic Roller
This item is specialized massaging item with magic roller. Using it with specialized cream is more effective than using it alone. (photo by bntnews DB, Adidas, Nike, Hurell, WELLMADE)

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