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What do celebrities do at the dentist?

[By Lee seulki / translated by Chloe Yun] We pay attention to what celebrities do, especially when it comes to beauty and fashion.

Our questions like “What is the secret of their beautiful face?” and “How do they keep their body fit?” always make everything about celebrities a hot issue. It feels like we can be like our favorite celebrities if we follow what they do. 

tvN E News ‘Star Life Secret’ solved some of our questions on celebrities’ beauty secrets. The show revealed what celebrities do at the dentist. They try hard to get white and even teeth that make them more confident and shiny. 

Director Kim Hang chul from celebrities’ favorite dentist, ‘White Dental Clinic,’ unveiled what celebrities secretly do with their teeth.

▶ What kind of dental treatment do celebrities get?

When asked “What do celebrities usually do at the dentist,” Director Kim mentioned three representative dental procedures: Orthodontics, Laminate, and Whitening. Correcting uneven teeth structure and color can eliminate one’s complex on appearance, as well as increase confidence. 

Many female celebrities like Kim Tae hee, Park Han byul, Kang Hye jung, Hara from KARA and Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls also revealed that they got their teeth fixed with braces. Actor Yoo Seung ho, who is now serving his military duty, also wore his braces on the inside of the teeth. 

Orthodontics not only makes your smile more beautiful but also gives you a V-line face. If you have protruding teeth, you will see a big change after teeth correction.
 Your overall look and image change as your teeth structure changes; so many people gain confidence after teeth correction. 
▶ Expert talks about the effect of orthodontics

Director Kim from White Dental Clinic said, “What makes celebrities’ smile beautiful is their even teeth structure.  Clear and healthy teeth also make them look more neat and fresh.”

Orthodontics used to be widely known as something that we do in our childhood. Now that it is regarded more as a cosmetic treatment, there are many mature people who consider getting braces. However, this is not an easy thing to decide for grownups because it takes 1-2 years on average to get teeth fixed with braces. So many people choose removable braces these days.

Removable braces are very convenient as we can take them from time to time. We can take them off when we eat or brush our teeth, so we can manage the braces in a sanitary way. Invisalign is another type of removable braces, made of invisible plastic. Many people chose this type only because it is invisible, but also it corrects teeth and gum structure.

Director Kim said, “Orthodontics procedure goes off according to accurate diagnosis on personal teeth problem and structure after CT scans and in-depth examination. We also show the patients a before-and-after picture through 3D video program before the procedure, so they will look after orthodontics”

Orthodontics corrects uneven tenth structure and gives softer appearance. Moreover, it is also good for teeth health as it prevents foods from being stuck between your teeth. Orthodontics also boosts your confidence as it makes your smile more beautiful. (photo by White Dental Clinic)

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Write: 2013-09-10 18:26:37 / Update: -1-11-30 00:00:00

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