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Secrets to celebrities’ forever lasting beauty

[by Shin Na young / translated by Cho Suyoun] Where does stars’ beauty come from? Each celebrity has own charms but the common beauty factors they have are sexy body figure, flaw less skin, baby-like face and big bright smile.
Body figure and skin can be completed after delicate care but younger-looking face and straight teeth line are hard to get if one is not born with them. For a smile that makes people feel happy, teeth must be straight and white.

‘Celebrities’ teeth care’ Bonded Porcelain Restoration in the Anterior Dentition

With ‘Bonded porcelain restoration in the anterior dentition’ anyone can get their teeth straight and white in very short time without burden.

Those who need this medical procedure are the ones that have teeth projection, misaligned tooth or have abrasion. According to one’s gum and facial line, teeth are designed delicately and applied.

Proved to be safe

What ‘bonded porcelain restoration in the anterior dentition’ does is removing the exterior of teeth thinly and applying the same color ceramic as cover. For a long time, regular teeth were removed about 0.5 mm so it was very risky for tooth health.

However, the technology has developed recently so the teeth are removed 0.2 mm or not at all. The procedure that does not remove at all looks very natural without any color distortion. 

In addition, there is no pain at all and one may choose the design and color according to specific condition. The procedure gets done in 7~10 days and it brings better effect when orthodontics is proceeded at the same time.

After the procedure: how smart beauties care their teeth

Right after the procedure, gum might bleed a bit but it gets better within a week. At this time, it is recommended to avoid hard foods or eating foods with front teeth.

Moreover, one must avoid drinks such as coffee, cigarette or wine that could cause color distortion until the procedure is settled. The color of gum or prosthetic appliance might change so one must be careful.

If the procedure is done successfully, it can last from 10 to 15 years, but it could also be ruined in short time without continuous check or care. After eating foods, one must brush the teeth within 3 minutes and use floss for gum care.

Side-effect of the procedure

For some people who have side-effects, they may experience coldness on teeth and for the worst case, they may not be able to try cold drinks at all. In this case, they should redo the procedure.

For the re-procedure case, people may feel much more sensitively so they must go find a hospital that has diverse experiences.
According to a dentist at White Dental Clinic, one must take care of health first before thinking of looking beautiful; going against the rules will cause serious side-effects so they must be careful at all time. (photo by White Dental Clinic, bntnews DB)

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Write: 2013-09-16 16:20:54 / Update: 2013-09-16 15:49:23

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