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Which girl group has the prettiest smile?

[by Shin Na young / translated by Cho Suyoun] For every star, beautiful smile is very important. Especially the aligned teeth make the stars look much more charming.

Now that people care so much about appearance, ‘Teeth correction’ has become very popular among ordinary people as well. From orthodontics to whitening, there are various options that women choose these days.

Let us take closer look at photos of celebrities’ healthy-looking teeth below and find out what could be the best treatment option for each individual.

Beautiful smiles of Korea’s girl groups

9 Muses

9Muses is a girl group of members who all have amazing singing voice and glamorous body lines. They all have experiences of being musician, show host, model and actresses so they of course have perfectly aligned teeth to stand in front of cameras. Each member exudes different charms, but all of them have beautiful teeth that make them look much more attractive.


The group of six girls always welcomes their fans with big bright smile. Since the debut, the girls have been referred as second Girls’ Generation. Like 9Muses, the members of Dal★shabet also own aligned and white teeth, capturing hearts of male fans.

Wind Hole Venus

This group is a female version of CNBLUE. The members have great vocal skill and instrument skills. The girls made a debut in June, 2011 and swept the music chart in just one day. Since then, they signed a contract with advertising in Japan.

They all look charismatic on stages, but in front of cameras, they become beautiful and feminine women. 

Which type of treatment would be better?

‘Transparent braces’
Through tooth correction, people are able to solve any problem on teeth. There used to be metal type tooth correction, but invisible ones are popular today.

Braces are made with computer system according to individual’s teeth condition. The plastic applied on teeth may be removed at any time and one may choose invisible type.

Rapid teeth correction: bonded porcelain restoration in the anterior dentition
This type of correction aligns teeth in 1~4 weeks so many celebrities prefer this type. How it works is as follow: It first removes some of the teeth and then combines with ceramic teeth shapes. The treatment also provides whitening effect so it may be helpful for those who have misaligned and yellow teeth.

Teeth Whitening
Whitening is also needed for ordinary people. For better and beautiful image, many people now do whitening on their teeth.

These days, ZOOM2 whitening type is in trend. While previous version required 2~3 times of visiting dentist, ZOOM2 can finish everything at once in just two hours.
White and aligned teeth for beautiful smile!

All of the treatments in the above are highly preferred by many people, but one should choose the right one according to teeth condition.

For bonded porcelain restoration in the anterior dentition case, excessive deletion of original teeth may lead to complete loss of original ones. One must find a professional hospital that has experiences and techniques.

According to the dentist Kim Hang chul at White Dental Clinics, error in any of the treatments may cause something very unsatisfactory. (photo by White Dental Clinics)

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Write: 2013-09-25 14:08:23 / Update: 2013-09-25 18:17:41

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