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[Beauty Secret] How to Make Your Hair Soft and Shine

[by Song Eun Ji / translated by Cho Suyoun] Hair is a tool that women can use to appeal their beautiful charms. However, it is difficult to be damaged from external stimulus and once the hair is damaged, it is difficult to get back to original condition.

Especially when the weather is extreme from sun, wind or yellow dust, not only hair is damaged, but scalp is also influenced as it becomes dry. If scalp pores are blocked, it could affect the growth of hair and damage silky hair.

If you are searching effective products for hair care in fall, take a closer look at products below. These products that make hair much silkier are especially recommended to extremely damaged hair, thin hair and dry hair. 

Effective hair care TIP

To keep hair silky and healthy, eating nutritional foods regularly with right life habit is most important of all. Hair is the part that nutrition reaches the last so one must take in equable nutrients and get enough sleep every day.

The lifestyle habit is also very important. Before going to sleep, hair must be dried perfectly and tying wet hair is prohibited as well. If hair is wet for long hours, mold and germs will breed inside the hair.

In addition, hair and scalp must be brushed after returning home from yellow dust or fine dusts. If dust is piled up on scalp, it will eventually block the pores and cause seborrheic infection or alopecia seborrheica on scalp.

The way one use shampoo is important in keeping hair clean. Washing hair 1~2 times per day with lukewarm water is most recommendable. Then choosing right shampoo or conditioner according to one’s hair type is the best thing to do.
How to choose the ‘Right Shampoo’

(From left to right ESPERIENZA Oriental Herb Clinic Shampoo, SUAVISS Argan Scalp Shampoo, AGK H-Supply Hair Shampoo)

Today, there are various types of hair products that can be used according scalp type and hair condition. There are shampoos for oily and dry scalp, dry hair or thin hair.

Using clinical shampoo for hair is great for keeping the scalp condition and fixing hair style. One of the leading products is ESPERIENZA’s Oriental Herb Clinic Shampoo.

There are 11 different oriental medicine ingredients such as green tea, pomegranate and ginseng that cleanse out rough scalps. To avoid dryness on scalp, there are ingredients that keep the scalp moisturized as well.

For those who have sensitive scalp and thin hair, Argan Scalp Shampoo by SUAVISS is highly recommended. Organic argan oil balances the moisture on scalp and provides enough nutrition.

Meanwhile, AGK’s H-Supply Hair Shampoo is recommended to those who have thin hair with oily scalp. Vitamin H, peppermint oil and tea tree oil cleanse dirt from scalp and hair without irritation and provide volume as well. (photo by WELLMADE, bntnews DB)

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